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Olivia and Alex met through mutual friends while at the Peanut Festival in Dothan, Alabama in 2009.  They became friends that night, but for the next four years, that's all they were, friends.   In the Summer of 2013, they decided to go out to a movie in Pier Park, and were inseparable ever since!   Alex proposed to Olivia at the Pensacola Marina.  Their friend Taylor was there and helped set the scene and take pictures. 

Olivia and Alex wanted their wedding to elegant and classic, and focus on their family and friends.  Their venue, The Grand on Foster was the same venue for Olivia's sister, and they loved how space kept them close to their guests, but also has great architecture and historic charm. They had a wonderful wedding full of joy and wonderful moments!  I loved Olivia's wedding gown, and shoes and rings!  Kirby always has stunning design and floral for every wedding! 

Venue - The Grand on Foster
Planner - Caroline Tidmore
Photographer - Leah Langley Photography
Florals - Blossoms by Kirby
Dress Designer - Jovani
Dress Shop - Dream Gowns
Rings - Emerald Lady Jewelry
Officiant - Bro. Michael Orr
Cake - Pam Bartram
Makeup - Jordan Skipper
DJ - Chris Taylor


Grand on Foster-105Grand on Foster-105www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-106Grand on Foster-106www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-107Grand on Foster-107www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-108Grand on Foster-108www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-109aGrand on Foster-109a Grand on Foster-109bGrand on Foster-109b Grand on Foster-110Grand on Foster-110www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-114Grand on Foster-114www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-115Grand on Foster-115www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-116Grand on Foster-116www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-117Grand on Foster-117www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-118Grand on Foster-118www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-119Grand on Foster-119www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-121Grand on Foster-121www.leahlangley.com

Snuck in a sweet reflection shot! Love the look of joy on Susan and Olivia's faces! 

Grand on Foster-122Grand on Foster-122www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-123Grand on Foster-123www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-123aGrand on Foster-123awww.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-124Grand on Foster-124www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-126Grand on Foster-126www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-128Grand on Foster-128www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-129Grand on Foster-129www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-130Grand on Foster-130www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-130aGrand on Foster-130awww.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-131Grand on Foster-131www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-132Grand on Foster-132www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-133Grand on Foster-133www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-134Grand on Foster-134www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-135Grand on Foster-135www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-136aGrand on Foster-136a Grand on Foster-138Grand on Foster-138www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-139Grand on Foster-139www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-140Grand on Foster-140www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-141Grand on Foster-141www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-142Grand on Foster-142www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-143Grand on Foster-143www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-144Grand on Foster-144www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-145Grand on Foster-145www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-146Grand on Foster-146www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-147Grand on Foster-147www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-148Grand on Foster-148www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-149Grand on Foster-149www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-150Grand on Foster-150www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-151aGrand on Foster-151a Grand on Foster-153Grand on Foster-153www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-154Grand on Foster-154www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-155Grand on Foster-155www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-157Grand on Foster-157www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-159Grand on Foster-159www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-160Grand on Foster-160 Grand on Foster-163aGrand on Foster-163a Grand on Foster-167Grand on Foster-167www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-168Grand on Foster-168www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-169Grand on Foster-169www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-170Grand on Foster-170www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-171Grand on Foster-171www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-172Grand on Foster-172www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-173Grand on Foster-173www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-174Grand on Foster-174www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-176Grand on Foster-176www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-177Grand on Foster-177www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-179Grand on Foster-179www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-180aGrand on Foster-180a Grand on Foster-182Grand on Foster-182www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-183Grand on Foster-183www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-185Grand on Foster-185www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-186Grand on Foster-186www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-187Grand on Foster-187www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-188Grand on Foster-188www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-189Grand on Foster-189www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-190Grand on Foster-190www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-191Grand on Foster-191www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-192Grand on Foster-192www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-193Grand on Foster-193www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-194Grand on Foster-194www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-195Grand on Foster-195www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-195aGrand on Foster-195awww.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-196Grand on Foster-196www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-197Grand on Foster-197www.leahlangley.com

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) blush and pearl wedding dothan wedding florida wedding photographer goinggithens http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/7/olivia-and-alex-married Sat, 15 Jul 2017 16:29:00 GMT
Jessica and Daniel Wed http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/5/jessica-and-daniel-wed BC-101BC-101www.leahlangley.com BC-102BC-102www.leahlangley.com BC-103aBC-103a

Venue - Bella Collina
Planner - A Rose Designs Events
Photography - Leah Langley
Cinematography - Jeffrey Stoner
Florist - Bluegrass Chic
Hair and Makeup - True Love Bridal Beauty
Dress Designer - Ines Di Santo
Dress Salon - Solutions Bridal
Bridal Jewelry - Maria Elena Headpieces
DJ - Our DJ Rocks
Cake - Party Flavors
Chalk Signs - Chalk Shop
Photo Booth - Photo Booth Rocks
Officiant - Cliff McCray
Rentals - Over the Top Inc
Transportation - VIP Transportation


BC-106BC-106www.leahlangley.com BC-107BC-107www.leahlangley.com BC-108BC-108www.leahlangley.com BC-109BC-109www.leahlangley.com BC-109aBC-109a BC-111BC-111www.leahlangley.com BC-112aBC-112a BC-115BC-115www.leahlangley.com BC-115aBC-115awww.leahlangley.com BC-116BC-116www.leahlangley.com BC-117BC-117www.leahlangley.com BC-118BC-118www.leahlangley.com BC-119BC-119www.leahlangley.com BC-120aBC-120a BC-123aBC-123a BC-124aBC-124a BC-125BC-125www.leahlangley.com BC-125aBC-125awww.leahlangley.com BC-127BC-127www.leahlangley.com BC-129BC-129www.leahlangley.com BC-130BC-130www.leahlangley.com Jessica and Daniel met in high school through mutual friends, and they started dating when Jessica was a senior.  Daniel officially asked Jessica with a bouquet of roses, saying that he would love her until the last rose died.  She thought that wasn't very long, until there was one rose still flawless.  She then realized he included one perfect rose that would never wilt.  It is easy to see that Daniel is utterly smitten with Jessica.  He adores her, trusts her and loves her.  Jessica beams when he is with her.  She glows in his embrace, and loves to be loved by him.  

They have been together through college, starting careers and numerous trips to Daniel's home country of Colombia.  When Carly of A Rose Designs Events invited me to meet Jessica and Daniel for wedding photography, we instantly hit it off.  I loved getting to hear their story and watch them interact.  I photographed their engagement session in Miami and Colombia.  Definitely a highlight of my career! I knew their wedding would be just as special.  

Jessica and Daniel's wedding was classic, beautiful and full of joy.  I loved the florals by Bluegrass Chic!  The rich jewel toned bridesmaid bouquets and decorations were gorgeous.  Jessica's lush Sarah Bernhardt Peony bouquet was classically romantic.  Her Ines Di Santo wedding gown from Solutions Bridal was the epitome of feminine ballgown elegance.  It was beyond stunning with the sweetheart neckline, frosted appliqué bodice, illusion back, and all those gorgeous light-catching layers!  The hand embroidered cathedral length veil was also by Ines Di Santo.  The Maria Elena bridal jewelry perfectly complemented her look.  Lauren with True Love Bridal Beauty made her look perfect on her wedding day!

BC-131BC-131www.leahlangley.com BC-132BC-132www.leahlangley.com BC-133BC-133www.leahlangley.com BC-134BC-134www.leahlangley.com BC-135BC-135www.leahlangley.com BC-137BC-137www.leahlangley.com BC-138BC-138www.leahlangley.com BC-139BC-139www.leahlangley.com BC-139aBC-139awww.leahlangley.com

BC-140BC-140www.leahlangley.com BC-141BC-141www.leahlangley.com BC-142BC-142www.leahlangley.com BC-143BC-143www.leahlangley.com BC-144BC-144www.leahlangley.com BC-145BC-145www.leahlangley.com BC-146BC-146www.leahlangley.com BC-147BC-147www.leahlangley.com BC-148BC-148www.leahlangley.com BC-149BC-149www.leahlangley.com BC-150aBC-150a BC-152aBC-152a BC-154BC-154www.leahlangley.com BC-156BC-156www.leahlangley.com BC-157BC-157www.leahlangley.com BC-158BC-158www.leahlangley.com BC-159BC-159www.leahlangley.com BC-160BC-160www.leahlangley.com BC-161BC-161www.leahlangley.com BC-162BC-162www.leahlangley.com BC-163BC-163www.leahlangley.com BC-164BC-164www.leahlangley.com BC-166BC-166 BC-168BC-168www.leahlangley.com BC-169BC-169www.leahlangley.com BC-170BC-170www.leahlangley.com BC-172BC-172www.leahlangley.com BC-173BC-173www.leahlangley.com BC-174aBC-174a BC-175BC-175www.leahlangley.com BC-175aBC-175awww.leahlangley.com BC-176aBC-176a BC-176bBC-176b BC-176cBC-176cwww.leahlangley.com BC-176dBC-176d BC-176eBC-176e BC-178BC-178 BC-180BC-180www.leahlangley.com BC-181BC-181www.leahlangley.com BC-182BC-182www.leahlangley.com BC-188BC-188www.leahlangley.com BC-189BC-189www.leahlangley.com BC-196aBC-196awww.leahlangley.com BC-196bBC-196bwww.leahlangley.com BC-196cBC-196cwww.leahlangley.com BC-197BC-197www.leahlangley.com BC-198BC-198www.leahlangley.com BC-199BC-199www.leahlangley.com BC-200BC-200www.leahlangley.com BC-202BC-202www.leahlangley.com BC-203BC-203www.leahlangley.com BC-204BC-204www.leahlangley.com BC-205BC-205www.leahlangley.com BC-206BC-206www.leahlangley.com BC-209BC-209www.leahlangley.com BC-210BC-210www.leahlangley.com BC-211BC-211www.leahlangley.com BC-212BC-212www.leahlangley.com BC-213BC-213www.leahlangley.com BC-213aBC-213awww.leahlangley.com BC-214BC-214www.leahlangley.com BC-216BC-216www.leahlangley.com BC-217BC-217www.leahlangley.com BC-218BC-218www.leahlangley.com BC-219BC-219www.leahlangley.com BC-220BC-220www.leahlangley.com BC-221BC-221www.leahlangley.com BC-222BC-222www.leahlangley.com BC-223BC-223www.leahlangley.com BC-226BC-226www.leahlangley.com BC-227BC-227www.leahlangley.com

Congratulations Jessica and Daniel!  

Here is a perfect video teaser of their wedding by the amazing Jeffrey Stoner

Jessica & Daniel - Teaser from Jeffrey Stoner Video on Vimeo.


leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Bella Collina Central Florida Photographer Florida Wedding Photographer Jewel Tone Wedding Orlando Wedding Photographer http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/5/jessica-and-daniel-wed Tue, 02 May 2017 01:43:17 GMT
Joseph and Olya Wed http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/4/joseph-and-olya-wed Lightner-101aLightner-101awww.leahlangley.com

Getting Ready Location: Casa Monica
Ceremony: The Lightner Museum
Planner: The Wedding Authority
Makeup: Jamie Benedict Beauty
Hair: Grazyna Mercado Hair Designer

Lightner-102aLightner-102a Lightner-104Lightner-104www.leahlangley.com

When Joseph contacted me about his wedding to Olya, it was right around the corner.  I have always wanted to photograph an elopement.  The intimate nature of an elopement tells a narrative that is free from distraction and excess, focusing on the two becoming one.  Walking into a space where the only previous contact I had were a handful of emails, I was eager to meet the couple and know their story better.  Upon meeting Joseph, he was kind and his eyes showed an excitement that was full of joy and anticipation.  I then met Olya and their 8 week old baby girl!  Joseph helped with Zoya, while his bride continued to get ready.  

Lightner-106Lightner-106www.leahlangley.com Lightner-107Lightner-107www.leahlangley.com Lightner-107aLightner-107awww.leahlangley.com Lightner-108Lightner-108www.leahlangley.com Lightner-109Lightner-109www.leahlangley.com Lightner-110aLightner-110a Lightner-112aLightner-112a
Joseph and Olya's First Look was so sweet.  He was so giddy, and Olya was stunning in her handmade dress from her home country of Russia.  They are so romantic and in love, and watching them together was beautiful.  Lightner-114Lightner-114www.leahlangley.com Lightner-116Lightner-116www.leahlangley.com Lightner-118Lightner-118www.leahlangley.com Lightner-119aLightner-119a Lightner-122Lightner-122www.leahlangley.com Lightner-123aLightner-123a Lightner-126Lightner-126 Lightner-128Lightner-128www.leahlangley.com Lightner-129aLightner-129a Lightner-131Lightner-131www.leahlangley.com Lightner-132Lightner-132www.leahlangley.com Lightner-135aLightner-135a Lightner-136Lightner-136www.leahlangley.com Lightner-137Lightner-137www.leahlangley.com Lightner-138Lightner-138www.leahlangley.com

After the First Look and some portraits, it was time to get Zoya in her dress for the ceremony. 

Lightner-141Lightner-141www.leahlangley.com Lightner-145Lightner-145www.leahlangley.com Lightner-148Lightner-148www.leahlangley.com Lightner-149Lightner-149www.leahlangley.com Lightner-150Lightner-150www.leahlangley.com Lightner-151Lightner-151www.leahlangley.com Lightner-152Lightner-152www.leahlangley.com Lightner-153aLightner-153a Lightner-156Lightner-156www.leahlangley.com Lightner-157Lightner-157www.leahlangley.com Lightner-158Lightner-158www.leahlangley.com Lightner-159Lightner-159www.leahlangley.com Lightner-160Lightner-160www.leahlangley.com Lightner-161Lightner-161www.leahlangley.com

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Central Florida Photographer Elopement Florida Wedding Intimate Wedding St Augustine Wedding http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/4/joseph-and-olya-wed Tue, 25 Apr 2017 18:14:35 GMT
Catalina and David Wed http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/4/catalina-and-david-wed Wed Blog-101Wed Blog-101www.leahlangley.com Catalina and David met by accident.  A car accident brought David to a rental place where a girl named Jenny worked.  Jenny introduced David to Catalina and, shortly after that, they never saw Jenny again!  Medical school, Residency and eleven years later, Catalina and David were finally married!  While a storm alter David's proposal plans, and Hurricane Matthew rescheduled the engagement session, they had absolutely perfect weather for their St. Augustine wedding!  Catalina is stunning, and seeing her in her Lazaro wedding gown, well, I just couldn't stop taking portraits!   David was quite handsome and dashing in his black tux! 

Wed Blog-102Wed Blog-102www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-103Wed Blog-103www.leahlangley.com
I couldn't pick which ring shot, so I included my two favorites.  The bracelets are Catalina's mother's that she wore for the day. Wed Blog-104Wed Blog-104www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-105Wed Blog-105www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-106Wed Blog-106www.leahlangley.com
Casa Monica is equal parts stunning and historic.  I love that Catalina's room was the perfect place to hang the dress form the window.   Wed Blog-110Wed Blog-110www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-112Wed Blog-112www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-113Wed Blog-113www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-114Wed Blog-114www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-116Wed Blog-116www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-117aWed Blog-117a Wed Blog-119aWed Blog-119a Wed Blog-121Wed Blog-121www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-123Wed Blog-123www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-124Wed Blog-124www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-125Wed Blog-125www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-126Wed Blog-126www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-128Wed Blog-128www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-129Wed Blog-129www.leahlangley.com
We had a little bit of free time before the ceremony, and so that meant more portraits. Wed Blog-131Wed Blog-131www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-132Wed Blog-132www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-133Wed Blog-133www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-134Wed Blog-134www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-135Wed Blog-135www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-136Wed Blog-136www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-137Wed Blog-137www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-138Wed Blog-138www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-140Wed Blog-140www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-141Wed Blog-141www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-142aWed Blog-142a Wed Blog-144Wed Blog-144www.leahlangley.com
Memorial Presbyterian is a site to behold.  The architecture, colors, and beauty are unmatched in St. Augustine.  Pastor Hunter Camp is one of my favorite officiants.  His focus is on God and the couple.  He brings so much meaning to each ceremony.   Wed Blog-145aWed Blog-145a Wed Blog-150Wed Blog-150 Wed Blog-155Wed Blog-155www.leahlangley.com
I don't think I have even seen a more adorable flower girl or well dressed ring bearer! Wed Blog-156Wed Blog-156www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-157Wed Blog-157www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-158Wed Blog-158www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-159Wed Blog-159www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-160Wed Blog-160www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-161Wed Blog-161www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-163Wed Blog-163 Wed Blog-165Wed Blog-165www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-166Wed Blog-166www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-167aWed Blog-167a Wed Blog-169Wed Blog-169www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-170Wed Blog-170www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-171aWed Blog-171a Wed Blog-173Wed Blog-173www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174Wed Blog-174www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174aWed Blog-174a Wed Blog-174bWed Blog-174bwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174cWed Blog-174cwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174dWed Blog-174dwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174eWed Blog-174ewww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174fWed Blog-174fwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174gWed Blog-174gwww.leahlangley.com
Wed Blog-175Wed Blog-175www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-177aWed Blog-177a Wed Blog-179Wed Blog-179www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-183aWed Blog-183a Wed Blog-184Wed Blog-184www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-191aWed Blog-191a Wed Blog-192Wed Blog-192www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-193aWed Blog-193a Wed Blog-196Wed Blog-196www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-196aWed Blog-196awww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-196bWed Blog-196bwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-196cWed Blog-196cwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-197Wed Blog-197www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-197aWed Blog-197awww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-198Wed Blog-198www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-199Wed Blog-199www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-200Wed Blog-200www.leahlangley.com
Catalina and David's First Dance was so romantic and perfect!  DJ Live Pro brought it over the top with the fog, and the lighting crew at the Treasury gave the twinkle light backdrop. 
Wed Blog-205Wed Blog-205www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-206Wed Blog-206www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-207Wed Blog-207www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-208Wed Blog-208www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-209Wed Blog-209www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-210Wed Blog-210www.leahlangley.com
So, as if fog for the first dance and for the father daughter dance wasn't enough, Austin with DJ Live Pro made some extra magic happen for Catalina and David! I was thrilled to get these images!  Wed Blog-211Wed Blog-211www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-214Wed Blog-214www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-215Wed Blog-215www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-216Wed Blog-216www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-217Wed Blog-217www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-218Wed Blog-218www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-219Wed Blog-219www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-220Wed Blog-220www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-221Wed Blog-221www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-222Wed Blog-222www.leahlangley.com

Thank you to all the amazing vendors who made this wedding absolutely wonderful!  

Getting Ready: Casa Monica
Ceremony: Memorial Presbyterian
Reception: Treasury on the Plaza
Planner: Coastal Coordinating
Photography: Leah Langley
Dress: Lazaro
Dress Salon: Calvet Couture Bridal Boutique
Makeup: Amanda Hopcraft
Hair: Grazyna Mercado
Florals: A Fantasy in Flowers
Cake: Sweet Weddings
DJ - DJ Live Productions
Video - Eli Meyer
Caterer - Purple Olive
Horse Carriage - Country Carriages
Photo Booth - Snap Studio
Officiant - Hunter Camp
Antique Car - Golden Hinde

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Casa Monica Central Florida Photographer Florida Wedding Photographer Memorial Presbyterian St Augustine Wedding Treasury on the Plaza http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/4/catalina-and-david-wed Fri, 14 Apr 2017 16:01:09 GMT
K&T Bella Collina Wedding http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/2/k-t-bella-collina-wedding KT Bella Collina-101KT Bella Collina-101Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley

K & T's Bella Collina's wedding was as beautiful as it was heartfelt and significant in their faith.  From their First Touch to their marriage mentors to serving their guests cake, they made it clear of their love for each other and for their Lord.  

When I asked how the bride and groom met in a questionnaire, the response was "We met in passing--we were brought together during a gathering and she fell in love with my face."  That perfectly describes the hilarious nature of both of them!  When I photographed their engagement session, it was nonstop laughter and jokes!  We had such a great time, and I knew their wedding would be the same way.  Instead of doing a first look, they decided to do a first touch, and it was so sweet seeing them not see each other!  But the moment that really stole the show was when he saw her walking down the aisle!   Thank you so much for including me on your wedding day! 


KT Bella Collina-102KT Bella Collina-102Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-103KT Bella Collina-103Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-104KT Bella Collina-104Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-105KT Bella Collina-105Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-106KT Bella Collina-106Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-107aKT Bella Collina-107a KT Bella Collina-109aKT Bella Collina-109a KT Bella Collina-111KT Bella Collina-111Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-112aKT Bella Collina-112a KT Bella Collina-114KT Bella Collina-114Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-115aKT Bella Collina-115a KT Bella Collina-117KT Bella Collina-117Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-118KT Bella Collina-118Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-120aKT Bella Collina-120a KT Bella Collina-118bKT Bella Collina-118bKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-118aKT Bella Collina-118aKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-119KT Bella Collina-119Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-122KT Bella Collina-122Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-123KT Bella Collina-123Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-124KT Bella Collina-124Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-125KT Bella Collina-125Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-126KT Bella Collina-126Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-127KT Bella Collina-127Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-128KT Bella Collina-128Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-129KT Bella Collina-129Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-133KT Bella Collina-133Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-135KT Bella Collina-135Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-137KT Bella Collina-137Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-138KT Bella Collina-138Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-139KT Bella Collina-139Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-141KT Bella Collina-141Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-142KT Bella Collina-142Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-143KT Bella Collina-143Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-144KT Bella Collina-144Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-145KT Bella Collina-145Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-146KT Bella Collina-146Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-147KT Bella Collina-147Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-148KT Bella Collina-148Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-151aKT Bella Collina-151a KT Bella Collina-153KT Bella Collina-153Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-154KT Bella Collina-154Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-154aKT Bella Collina-154aKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-155KT Bella Collina-155Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-156KT Bella Collina-156Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-157KT Bella Collina-157Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-158aKT Bella Collina-158a KT Bella Collina-160KT Bella Collina-160Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-162KT Bella Collina-162Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-163KT Bella Collina-163Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-164KT Bella Collina-164Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-165aKT Bella Collina-165a KT Bella Collina-167KT Bella Collina-167Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-167aKT Bella Collina-167aKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-167bKT Bella Collina-167bKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-167cKT Bella Collina-167cKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-168bKT Bella Collina-168b KT Bella Collina-169KT Bella Collina-169Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-171KT Bella Collina-171Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-172KT Bella Collina-172Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-173KT Bella Collina-173Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-174KT Bella Collina-174Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-176KT Bella Collina-176Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-183KT Bella Collina-183Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-184aKT Bella Collina-184a KT Bella Collina-186KT Bella Collina-186Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-186aKT Bella Collina-186aKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-187KT Bella Collina-187Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-187aKT Bella Collina-187aKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-187bKT Bella Collina-187bKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-188KT Bella Collina-188Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-189KT Bella Collina-189Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-190KT Bella Collina-190Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-191KT Bella Collina-191Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-192KT Bella Collina-192Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-192aKT Bella Collina-192aKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-193KT Bella Collina-193Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-193aKT Bella Collina-193aKessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-194KT Bella Collina-194Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-195KT Bella Collina-195Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-196aKT Bella Collina-196a KT Bella Collina-198KT Bella Collina-198Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-200KT Bella Collina-200 KT Bella Collina-203KT Bella Collina-203Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-210KT Bella Collina-210Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-211KT Bella Collina-211Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-212KT Bella Collina-212Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley KT Bella Collina-213KT Bella Collina-213Kessiah TatsuakiBella Collina Wedding at Bella Collina, Orlando, Florida on February, 2017. Leah Langley
Photography - Leah Langley
Venue - Bella Collina
Planner - Jaclyn with At Last Weddings
Videographer - Roberto with Love It Wedding Films
Chairs - A Chair Affair 
Florals - Cheryl's Distinctive Creations
Cake - Sweet Flours
Hair & Makeup - Bella Collina Spa
Wedding Dress Designer - Sareh Nouri
Wedding Dress Shop - L'amour Bridal in Novi, MI
Rings - James Allen
Officiant - Dan Cupp Jr
DJ - Anthony Schiavone with Party Starters Tampa

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Bella Collina Bella Collina Wedding Blush Wedding Central Florida Photographer Dusty Rose Wedding First Touch Orlando Wedding Orlando Wedding Photographer Sparkler Exit http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/2/k-t-bella-collina-wedding Mon, 20 Feb 2017 19:38:05 GMT
Lexie and Joseph Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/2/lexie-and-joseph-married Blessing Blog-101Blessing Blog-101www.leahlangley.com
Lexie and Joseph are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet!  Their smiles are constant and so is their love for each other!  And what sweet southern girl wouldn't want the last name "Blessing?!"  The whole day was full of love and joy.  Lexie's bridesmaids were so fun and lively, and hilarious! The first look with Lexie and her father brought tears to everyone's eyes.   Lexie and Joseph's first look was amazing!  Just the two of them on a bridge.  Their expressions and joy was perfect!  

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Blessing for inviting me to be your wedding photographer! 
Blessing Blog-103Blessing Blog-103www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-105Blessing Blog-105www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-106Blessing Blog-106www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-107aBlessing Blog-107a Blessing Blog-108Blessing Blog-108www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-109Blessing Blog-109www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-110Blessing Blog-110www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-111Blessing Blog-111www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-112Blessing Blog-112www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-113Blessing Blog-113www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-114aBlessing Blog-114a Blessing Blog-116Blessing Blog-116www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-117Blessing Blog-117www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-118Blessing Blog-118www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-119Blessing Blog-119www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-120Blessing Blog-120www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-121Blessing Blog-121www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-122Blessing Blog-122www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-123Blessing Blog-123www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-124Blessing Blog-124www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-125Blessing Blog-125www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-126Blessing Blog-126www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-127Blessing Blog-127www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-128Blessing Blog-128www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-129Blessing Blog-129www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-130Blessing Blog-130www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-131Blessing Blog-131www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-132Blessing Blog-132www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-133aBlessing Blog-133a Blessing Blog-136Blessing Blog-136www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-137Blessing Blog-137www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-138Blessing Blog-138www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-140Blessing Blog-140www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-141Blessing Blog-141www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-142Blessing Blog-142www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-143aBlessing Blog-143a Blessing Blog-145Blessing Blog-145www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-146Blessing Blog-146www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-147Blessing Blog-147www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-147aBlessing Blog-147awww.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-148Blessing Blog-148www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-149Blessing Blog-149www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-150Blessing Blog-150www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-151Blessing Blog-151www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-152Blessing Blog-152www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-153Blessing Blog-153www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-154Blessing Blog-154www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-155Blessing Blog-155www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-156Blessing Blog-156www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-157Blessing Blog-157www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-157aBlessing Blog-157awww.leahlangley.com

Blessing Blog-159Blessing Blog-159www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-160Blessing Blog-160www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-161Blessing Blog-161www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-163Blessing Blog-163www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-164Blessing Blog-164www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-166Blessing Blog-166www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-167Blessing Blog-167www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-168Blessing Blog-168www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-169Blessing Blog-169www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-171Blessing Blog-171www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-172Blessing Blog-172www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-173Blessing Blog-173www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-174Blessing Blog-174www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-175Blessing Blog-175www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-176Blessing Blog-176www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-177aBlessing Blog-177a Blessing Blog-179Blessing Blog-179www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-180aBlessing Blog-180a Blessing Blog-182Blessing Blog-182www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-183Blessing Blog-183www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-184Blessing Blog-184www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-185Blessing Blog-185www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-185aBlessing Blog-185a Blessing Blog-186Blessing Blog-186www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-186cBlessing Blog-186cwww.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-187Blessing Blog-187www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-188Blessing Blog-188www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-189Blessing Blog-189www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-189bBlessing Blog-189bwww.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-189cBlessing Blog-189cwww.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-190Blessing Blog-190www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-191Blessing Blog-191www.leahlangley.com Blessing Blog-192Blessing Blog-192www.leahlangley.com

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Beach Blessing Central Florida Photographer Florida Wedding Photographer North Florida Wedding Port St Joe Wedding Wedding" Windmark http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/2/lexie-and-joseph-married Tue, 07 Feb 2017 18:12:55 GMT
Brittni and James Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/2/brittni-and-james-married Britt Wed Blog-102Britt Wed Blog-102www.leahlangley.com From the first time Brittni and I chatted on the phone, we realized we had a lot in common!  Both of us became engaged in a butterfly conservatory, both our guys loved to surf, and we both knew Suzanne Roix! :)   

I loved James and Brittni's sunrise beach engagement session.  We had so much fun meeting the day before and spending the weekend with them at their favorite East Coast beach hang out.  I knew their wedding would be a huge and wonderful celebration!  Their wedding party alone was the most attractive group of people I've ever had, and it was hilarious when their pastor said the same thing during the ceremony!  Brittni's gift to James was an album of her boudoir session, and the look of realization on his face was the absolute best!  He gave her a beautiful set of pearls, and she was ecstatic!  Their first look was so sweet and the whole day really was perfect!  Every moment was filled with laughter and sweet emotions.  I wish we could do it all over again! 
Britt Wed Blog-103Britt Wed Blog-103www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-104Britt Wed Blog-104www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-104aBritt Wed Blog-104awww.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-105Britt Wed Blog-105www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-106Britt Wed Blog-106www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-107Britt Wed Blog-107www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-108Britt Wed Blog-108www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-109Britt Wed Blog-109www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-110Britt Wed Blog-110www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-112Britt Wed Blog-112www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-113Britt Wed Blog-113www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-114Britt Wed Blog-114www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-115Britt Wed Blog-115www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-117Britt Wed Blog-117www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-119Britt Wed Blog-119www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-120Britt Wed Blog-120www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-122aBritt Wed Blog-122a Britt Wed Blog-124aBritt Wed Blog-124a Britt Wed Blog-126Britt Wed Blog-126www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-128Britt Wed Blog-128www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-129Britt Wed Blog-129www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-130Britt Wed Blog-130www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-131Britt Wed Blog-131www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-133Britt Wed Blog-133www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-134Britt Wed Blog-134www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-135aBritt Wed Blog-135a Britt Wed Blog-137aBritt Wed Blog-137a Britt Wed Blog-139Britt Wed Blog-139www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-141Britt Wed Blog-141www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-142Britt Wed Blog-142www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-143aBritt Wed Blog-143a Britt Wed Blog-146Britt Wed Blog-146www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-147Britt Wed Blog-147www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-148Britt Wed Blog-148www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-149Britt Wed Blog-149www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-150Britt Wed Blog-150www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-151Britt Wed Blog-151www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-152aBritt Wed Blog-152a Britt Wed Blog-154Britt Wed Blog-154www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-155Britt Wed Blog-155www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-156Britt Wed Blog-156www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-157Britt Wed Blog-157www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-158Britt Wed Blog-158www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-159Britt Wed Blog-159www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-160Britt Wed Blog-160www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-161Britt Wed Blog-161www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-162Britt Wed Blog-162www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-163Britt Wed Blog-163www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-164Britt Wed Blog-164www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-166Britt Wed Blog-166www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-167Britt Wed Blog-167www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-168Britt Wed Blog-168www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-169Britt Wed Blog-169www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-171aBritt Wed Blog-171a Britt Wed Blog-172Britt Wed Blog-172www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-173Britt Wed Blog-173www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-174Britt Wed Blog-174www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-184Britt Wed Blog-184www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-185Britt Wed Blog-185www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-186Britt Wed Blog-186www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-187Britt Wed Blog-187www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-189Britt Wed Blog-189www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-175Britt Wed Blog-175www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-176Britt Wed Blog-176www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-177Britt Wed Blog-177www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-179Britt Wed Blog-179www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-180Britt Wed Blog-180www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-181Britt Wed Blog-181www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-182Britt Wed Blog-182www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-188Britt Wed Blog-188www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-189Britt Wed Blog-189www.leahlangley.com Britt Wed Blog-190Britt Wed Blog-190www.leahlangley.com

Getting Ready Location: Safety Harbor Spa
Venue: Kapok Tree

Florist: Baldwin Florals
Photographer: Leah Langley 
Videographer: Voila
DJ: DJ Skeelow
Makeup: Michele Rene and Genevive Centofani
Caterer and Cake: Olympia


leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Central Florida Photographer Clearwater Wedding Florida Wedding Photographer Photographer" Tampa Tampa area Wedding area http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/2/brittni-and-james-married Mon, 06 Feb 2017 17:31:14 GMT
Bella Collina Engagement Session http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/1/bella-collina-engagement-session Bella Collina-101Bella Collina-101www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-102Bella Collina-102www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-103Bella Collina-103www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-104Bella Collina-104www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-105aBella Collina-105a Bella Collina-107Bella Collina-107www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-108Bella Collina-108www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-109Bella Collina-109www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-110Bella Collina-110www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-111Bella Collina-111www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-112Bella Collina-112www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-113Bella Collina-113www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-114Bella Collina-114www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-115Bella Collina-115www.leahlangley.com Bella Collina-116Bella Collina-116www.leahlangley.com

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2017/1/bella-collina-engagement-session Wed, 11 Jan 2017 18:30:04 GMT
Kesley and Jordan - Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/12/kesley-and-jordan---married Destin-101Destin-101www.leahlangley.com
Kesley and Jordan's wedding was amazing!!  They are so in love, and so sweet together!  They were getting ready in the same beach house, and there wasn't any pressure for a first look since they had already seen each other.  So I asked if they would like to get ready together.  I've never had a bride and groom do that before, and I was thrilled they were willing!  It was magical.  I loved seeing them interact.  Watch Kesley trim Jordan's beard.  See them be sweet to each other as they prepared for the beginning of their marriage.  Admire the look that Jordan has when he gazes at Kesley.  And see how mesmerizing Kesley is when she looks into the camera.  Hopefully I will get to experience this again with another couple! 

Destin-102Destin-102www.leahlangley.com Destin-103Destin-103www.leahlangley.com Destin-104Destin-104www.leahlangley.com Destin-105Destin-105www.leahlangley.com Destin-106Destin-106www.leahlangley.com Destin-107Destin-107www.leahlangley.com Destin-108aDestin-108a Destin-110Destin-110www.leahlangley.com Destin-111Destin-111www.leahlangley.com Destin-112Destin-112www.leahlangley.com Destin-113Destin-113www.leahlangley.com Destin-114Destin-114www.leahlangley.com Destin-116Destin-116www.leahlangley.com Destin-117Destin-117www.leahlangley.com Destin-118Destin-118www.leahlangley.com Destin-119Destin-119www.leahlangley.com Destin-120Destin-120www.leahlangley.com Destin-121Destin-121www.leahlangley.com Destin-122Destin-122www.leahlangley.com Destin-123Destin-123www.leahlangley.com Destin-124Destin-124www.leahlangley.com Destin-125Destin-125www.leahlangley.com Destin-126Destin-126www.leahlangley.com Destin-127Destin-127www.leahlangley.com Destin-128Destin-128www.leahlangley.com Destin-129Destin-129www.leahlangley.com Destin-132Destin-132www.leahlangley.com Destin-133Destin-133www.leahlangley.com Destin-134Destin-134www.leahlangley.com Destin-135Destin-135www.leahlangley.com Destin-137Destin-137www.leahlangley.com Destin-139aDestin-139a Destin-140aDestin-140a Destin-142Destin-142www.leahlangley.com Destin-143Destin-143www.leahlangley.com Despite Hurricane Matthew chewing up Florida's East Coast, the Emerald Coast was a gorgeous as ever, and flat as a lake.  

Kirby's florals and designs were perfection!  I always love working with him and his team, and Kesley's wedding was breathtaking with his stunning work!  

Destin-143aDestin-143awww.leahlangley.com Destin-144Destin-144www.leahlangley.com Destin-146Destin-146www.leahlangley.com Destin-147Destin-147www.leahlangley.com Destin-148Destin-148www.leahlangley.com Destin-149Destin-149www.leahlangley.com Destin-150Destin-150www.leahlangley.com Destin-151Destin-151www.leahlangley.com Destin-152Destin-152www.leahlangley.com Destin-153Destin-153www.leahlangley.com Destin-154Destin-154www.leahlangley.com Destin-155Destin-155www.leahlangley.com Destin-156Destin-156www.leahlangley.com Destin-157Destin-157www.leahlangley.com Destin-158Destin-158www.leahlangley.com Destin-159Destin-159www.leahlangley.com Destin-161aDestin-161a Destin-163Destin-163www.leahlangley.com Destin-167Destin-167www.leahlangley.com Destin-173Destin-173www.leahlangley.com Destin-175Destin-175www.leahlangley.com Destin-178Destin-178www.leahlangley.com Destin-182aDestin-182a Destin-184Destin-184www.leahlangley.com Destin-186Destin-186www.leahlangley.com Destin-186aDestin-186awww.leahlangley.com Destin-187aDestin-187a Destin-189Destin-189www.leahlangley.com Destin-190aDestin-190a Destin-193Destin-193www.leahlangley.com Destin-194Destin-194www.leahlangley.com Destin-195Destin-195www.leahlangley.com Destin-196Destin-196www.leahlangley.com Destin-198aDestin-198a Destin-200Destin-200www.leahlangley.com Destin-200bDestin-200bwww.leahlangley.com Destin-200cDestin-200cwww.leahlangley.com Destin-200eDestin-200ewww.leahlangley.com Destin-200fDestin-200fwww.leahlangley.com Destin-200gDestin-200gwww.leahlangley.com Destin-200jDestin-200jwww.leahlangley.com Destin-200xDestin-200x Destin-201Destin-201www.leahlangley.com Destin-202aDestin-202a Destin-204Destin-204www.leahlangley.com Destin-205Destin-205www.leahlangley.com Destin-206Destin-206www.leahlangley.com Destin-207Destin-207www.leahlangley.com Destin-208Destin-208www.leahlangley.com Destin-209Destin-209www.leahlangley.com Destin-210Destin-210www.leahlangley.com Destin-211Destin-211www.leahlangley.com Destin-212Destin-212www.leahlangley.com Destin-213Destin-213www.leahlangley.com Destin-164Destin-164www.leahlangley.com Destin-165Destin-165www.leahlangley.com Destin-166Destin-166www.leahlangley.com



Venu: The Hilton San Destin Golf Club Resort at The Beach House
Photography:  Leah Langley Photography 
Coordinator:  Lindsey Banta
Designer:  Willowby by Watters
Band:  Heritage Band
Florist: Kirby Holt Studio
Second Photographer: Shipra Panosian - Love you girl!  Thank you!

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Beach Florida Wedding Beach Wedding Central Florida Photographer Destin Hilton San Destin Photographer North Florida Wedding Photographer" Wedding http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/12/kesley-and-jordan---married Fri, 02 Dec 2016 03:02:20 GMT
Jessica and Brad - Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/11/jessica-and-brad---married Isleworth-102Isleworth-102www.leahlangley.com On a beautiful October day, Jessica and Brad were married at the lovely Isleworth Country Club. I love their "how we met" story!  They were both playing a round of golf in their home state of New Jersey at the Moorestown Field Club.  Jessica and her Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim allowed Brad and his mother pass them on the course.  Somehow Aunt Pat knew there was something there in that brief encounter, and set them up for a round of golf a few weeks later!  

When Jessica and Brad booked me, I sent them a golf logbook, and was so sweet to see that Jessica had brought it for their "getting ready" details!  She and Brad saved the book for when they golf together once married.  Jessica and Brad are loved so much by their friends and families.  I loved getting to know their hilarious wedding party, and watch the guests dance along with a couple of Zumba routines during the reception!  

Jessica and Brad danced the night away together, and left in a beautiful antique car.  

Congratulations!  You two are so wonderful together!

Isleworth-103Isleworth-103www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-104Isleworth-104www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-105Isleworth-105www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-106Isleworth-106www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-107Isleworth-107www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-108aIsleworth-108a Isleworth-110Isleworth-110www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-111Isleworth-111www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-112Isleworth-112www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-113Isleworth-113www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-114Isleworth-114www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-115Isleworth-115www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-116Isleworth-116www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-117Isleworth-117www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-118Isleworth-118www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-119Isleworth-119www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-120Isleworth-120www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-122Isleworth-122www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-124Isleworth-124www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-128Isleworth-128www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-129Isleworth-129www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-131Isleworth-131www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-132Isleworth-132www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-133bIsleworth-133b Isleworth-136aIsleworth-136a Isleworth-146Isleworth-146www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-147aIsleworth-147a Isleworth-149Isleworth-149www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-150Isleworth-150www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-151Isleworth-151www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-152Isleworth-152www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-153Isleworth-153www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-154Isleworth-154www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-155Isleworth-155www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-156Isleworth-156www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-157Isleworth-157www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-158Isleworth-158www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-159Isleworth-159www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-160Isleworth-160www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-161Isleworth-161www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-162aIsleworth-162a Isleworth-164Isleworth-164www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-165Isleworth-165www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-166Isleworth-166www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-169Isleworth-169www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-170Isleworth-170www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-171Isleworth-171www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-172Isleworth-172www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-172aIsleworth-172awww.leahlangley.com Isleworth-172bIsleworth-172bwww.leahlangley.com Isleworth-172cIsleworth-172cwww.leahlangley.com Isleworth-173aIsleworth-173a Isleworth-174Isleworth-174www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-176Isleworth-176www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-177Isleworth-177www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-178Isleworth-178www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-179Isleworth-179www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-180Isleworth-180www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-181Isleworth-181www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-182Isleworth-182www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-183Isleworth-183www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-184Isleworth-184www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-185Isleworth-185www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-186Isleworth-186www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-187Isleworth-187www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-189Isleworth-189www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-190Isleworth-190www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-191Isleworth-191www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-192Isleworth-192www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-194Isleworth-194www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-195Isleworth-195www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-196Isleworth-196www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-197Isleworth-197www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-198Isleworth-198www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-199Isleworth-199www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-200Isleworth-200www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-201Isleworth-201www.leahlangley.com Isleworth-202Isleworth-202www.leahlangley.com


Venue:  Isleworth Country Club
Planner & Design: Trés Chic Southern Weddings

Photographer:  Leah Langley
Dress Designer: Camille LaVie at Group USA
Rings:  Jay Robert Jewelers
Florist:  Flourish
Catering & Cake: Isleworth Country Club
DJ: Messina Productions
Lighting: Kaleidoscope
Rentals: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals 
Linens: Over the Top
Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies-Lon Tosi
Photo Booth: Magic Mirror

Hair & Makeup: Salon Salon
Transportation: VIP Transportation 

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Central Florida Photographer Club Country Florida Wedding Photographer Isleworth Isleworth Photographer Isleworth Wedding Photographer Wedding" Windermere Windermere Wedding Photographer http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/11/jessica-and-brad---married Thu, 24 Nov 2016 03:09:58 GMT
Paula and Desmond - Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/10/paula-and-desmond---married Vault-102aVault-102a Paula and Desmond met while they attended University of Florida.  They lived in the same dorm in their freshman year, and for that first year, only saw each other in passing.  Sparks really started to fly in the Spring of their sophomore year, and 7 years later Desmond proposed in the Winter Park rose garden!  He totally surprised her with their friends and family there to celebrate with them!

For Paula and Desmond's wedding, they wanted an elegant affair with champagne and gold details.  They were married in Paula's home Catholic church, and their reception was at The Vault in Downtown Tampa!  From Paula's Monique Lhuillier gown from Solution's Bridal to Desmond's fraternity brothers' serenade, it was completely gorgeous and full of wonderful moments!  Their wedding party, families, and guests were in celebration mode!  So much beauty and energy!  It was an honor to be part of their day!  

Congratulations, Paula and Desmond! 


Vault-104Vault-104www.leahlangley.com Vault-105Vault-105www.leahlangley.com Vault-106Vault-106www.leahlangley.com Vault-107aVault-107a Vault-109Vault-109www.leahlangley.com Vault-110Vault-110www.leahlangley.com Vault-111Vault-111www.leahlangley.com Vault-112Vault-112www.leahlangley.com Vault-113Vault-113www.leahlangley.com Vault-114Vault-114www.leahlangley.com Vault-115Vault-115www.leahlangley.com Vault-116Vault-116www.leahlangley.com Vault-117Vault-117www.leahlangley.com Vault-118Vault-118www.leahlangley.com Vault-118aVault-118a Vault-119Vault-119www.leahlangley.com Vault-120Vault-120www.leahlangley.com Vault-121Vault-121www.leahlangley.com Vault-122Vault-122www.leahlangley.com Vault-123Vault-123www.leahlangley.com Vault-124Vault-124www.leahlangley.com Vault-125Vault-125www.leahlangley.com Vault-127aVault-127a Vault-132aVault-132awww.leahlangley.com Vault-132bVault-132bwww.leahlangley.com Vault-132cVault-132cwww.leahlangley.com Vault-132dVault-132dwww.leahlangley.com Vault-133Vault-133www.leahlangley.com Vault-134Vault-134www.leahlangley.com Vault-140aVault-140a Vault-143Vault-143www.leahlangley.com Vault-144Vault-144www.leahlangley.com Vault-145Vault-145www.leahlangley.com Vault-146Vault-146www.leahlangley.com Vault-148aVault-148a Vault-150Vault-150www.leahlangley.com Vault-150aVault-150awww.leahlangley.com Vault-151Vault-151www.leahlangley.com Vault-152aVault-152a Vault-153Vault-153www.leahlangley.com Vault-156Vault-156www.leahlangley.com Vault-157aVault-157a Vault-159aVault-159a Vault-160Vault-160www.leahlangley.com Vault-160aVault-160a Vault-161Vault-161www.leahlangley.com Vault-162Vault-162www.leahlangley.com Vault-162aVault-162awww.leahlangley.com Vault-163Vault-163www.leahlangley.com Vault-163aVault-163awww.leahlangley.com Vault-164Vault-164www.leahlangley.com Vault-165Vault-165www.leahlangley.com Vault-166aVault-166a Vault-167Vault-167www.leahlangley.com Vault-168aVault-168a Vault-170Vault-170www.leahlangley.com Vault-179Vault-179www.leahlangley.com Vault-180Vault-180www.leahlangley.com Vault-181Vault-181www.leahlangley.com Vault-182Vault-182www.leahlangley.com Vault-183Vault-183www.leahlangley.com Vault-184Vault-184www.leahlangley.com Vault-185Vault-185www.leahlangley.com Vault-186Vault-186www.leahlangley.com Vault-187Vault-187www.leahlangley.com Vault-188Vault-188www.leahlangley.com Vault-189Vault-189www.leahlangley.com Vault-190Vault-190www.leahlangley.com Vault-191Vault-191www.leahlangley.com Vault-192Vault-192www.leahlangley.com Vault-193Vault-193www.leahlangley.com Vault-194Vault-194www.leahlangley.com Vault-195Vault-195www.leahlangley.com Vault-196Vault-196www.leahlangley.com Vault-197Vault-197www.leahlangley.com Vault-199Vault-199www.leahlangley.com Vault-200Vault-200www.leahlangley.com Vault-201Vault-201www.leahlangley.com Vault-202Vault-202www.leahlangley.com Vault-203Vault-203www.leahlangley.com Vault-204aVault-204a Vault-206Vault-206www.leahlangley.com Vault-207Vault-207www.leahlangley.com




Ceremony Venue: Nativity Catholic Church
Reception Venue: The Vault 
Planner/Designer: QuickCare Events
Photography: Leah Langley
Videographer: Justified Films
Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier
Dress Salon: Solution's Bridal
Caterer: Delectables
DJ: Grant Hemond & Associates 
Cake: Alessi Bakery
Hair and Makeup: Destiny Hair & Light
Limo: Elite Party Bus
Photo Booth: Tampa Bay Photobooth

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Central Florida Photographer Downtown Tampa Wedding Florida Wedding Photographer Tampa Wedding Photographer The Vault Wedding http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/10/paula-and-desmond---married Fri, 28 Oct 2016 18:40:58 GMT
Kariann and Drew - Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/10/kariann-and-drew---married Isla Blog-101Isla Blog-101www.leahlangley.com From the first moment of meeting Kariann, I loved her smile and laugh!  She and Drew were so fun to photograph for their engagement session, and I knew their wedding would be exactly the same!  Their love for each other is so authentic, and their wedding was full of wonderful moments! Their friends, family members and guests clearly adore Kariann and Drew, and I am so happy to have been part of the beginning of their marriage! 

Isla Blog-102Isla Blog-102www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-103Isla Blog-103www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-104Isla Blog-104www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-105aIsla Blog-105a Isla Blog-107Isla Blog-107www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-107aIsla Blog-107awww.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-107bIsla Blog-107b Isla Blog-107cIsla Blog-107cwww.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-107dIsla Blog-107dwww.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-108Isla Blog-108www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-109Isla Blog-109www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-110Isla Blog-110www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-111Isla Blog-111 Isla Blog-112Isla Blog-112www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-118aIsla Blog-118a Isla Blog-127Isla Blog-127www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-128Isla Blog-128www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-129Isla Blog-129www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-129aIsla Blog-129awww.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-130Isla Blog-130www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-136Isla Blog-136www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-138Isla Blog-138www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-140Isla Blog-140www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-141Isla Blog-141www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-143Isla Blog-143www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-144Isla Blog-144 Isla Blog-148Isla Blog-148www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-149Isla Blog-149www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-150Isla Blog-150www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-151Isla Blog-151www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-152Isla Blog-152www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-153Isla Blog-153www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-154Isla Blog-154www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-155Isla Blog-155www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-156Isla Blog-156www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-157Isla Blog-157www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-158Isla Blog-158www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-159Isla Blog-159www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-160Isla Blog-160www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-160aIsla Blog-160awww.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-160bIsla Blog-160bwww.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-160cIsla Blog-160cwww.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-161aIsla Blog-161a Isla Blog-161cIsla Blog-161c Isla Blog-162aIsla Blog-162a Isla Blog-164Isla Blog-164www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-165Isla Blog-165www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-166aIsla Blog-166a Isla Blog-168Isla Blog-168www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-169Isla Blog-169www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-170Isla Blog-170www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-171Isla Blog-171www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-172Isla Blog-172www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-173Isla Blog-173www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-174Isla Blog-174www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-175Isla Blog-175www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-176Isla Blog-176www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-177Isla Blog-177www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-178Isla Blog-178www.leahlangley.com Isla Blog-179Isla Blog-179www.leahlangley.com


Venue: Isla Del Sol Yacht Club
Planner: Liz Kamali Events
Photography: Leah Langley Photography
DJ: Cory with Grant Hemond & Associates 
Florist: Sharen's Flowers

Videography: Highlight Studios
Pipe & Drape: Music on the Move
Cake: Susan Bobels Cakes

Hair and Makeup: Michelle Renee Studios


leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) #gettinjiggywickett Central Florida Photographer Florida Wedding Isla Del Sol Real Wedding St Pete Wedding http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/10/kariann-and-drew---married Wed, 19 Oct 2016 18:40:26 GMT
Kesley and Jordan - Engaged http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/10/kesley-and-jordan---engaged Kesley-101Kesley-101

Kesley and Jordan's engagement session so beautiful!  We met just before sunrise at one of my favorite state parks in Florida!  St. Andrew's State Park is stunningly beautiful.  You can imagine that this is how Florida really looks.  Beyond the condos, roads and beach umbrellas, this place is a reflection of what Florida is really about.  Both Kesley and Jordan love the outdoors, and grew up in Florida.  I love that they also see the beauty of this place.  They were both so great to photograph!  Kesley posed wonderfully and seemed to know exactly what to do the whole time!  Jordan was just as great, and they both laughed, seemed to have as much fun as I did! :) 

Their wedding is tomorrow in beautiful Destin, FL.  I am so honored to photograph them again, especially on one of the biggest days of their lives! 
It's going to be a great day! 

Kesley-102Kesley-102 Kesley-103Kesley-103 Kesley-104Kesley-104 Kesley-105Kesley-105 Kesley-106Kesley-106 Kesley-107Kesley-107 Kesley-108Kesley-108 Kesley-109Kesley-109 Kesley-110Kesley-110

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Engagement Session Florida Wedding Photographer North Florida Wedding St Andrews State Park Sunrise Session http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/10/kesley-and-jordan---engaged Fri, 07 Oct 2016 11:52:40 GMT
Jessica and Daniel Engaged http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/8/jessica-and-daniel-engaged Colombia-101Colombia-101www.leahlangley.com Wall Art: Shepard Fairey

To say I am excited about this engagement session would be a slight understatement!  Just two weeks before this amazing trip, Carli from A Rose Designs Events introduced me to her clients, Jessica and Daniel. They are getting married at Bella Collina next year, and were in need of a wedding photographer.  The meeting was going great, and we started chatting about ideas for their engagement session.  Daniel is from Colombia, and I said "It's a shame you don't want your engagement session in your home country."  He replied that, actually, they would be visiting in just a couple of weeks.  I *subtly* dropped the hint that I was open that weekend! ;)  Within seconds, Daniel was checking flight prices, and it all fell into place.  It was comical to come home, and tell my husband, "Hey!  I think I've booked a great wedding, and.... I might be going to Colombia in a couple of weeks."  

The big weekend came, and we drove down to Miami for the flight.  We had some extra time, so we checked out the Wynwood Art District in Miami.  While it felt like 1,000 degrees outside, Jessica and Daniel were troopers and made the best of it!  Next we headed to the Miami International Airport to board our flight to Colombia!  I'm not going to lie, a big bonus of this trip was that I was finally going to get my first stamp in my passport book! :)  We arrived just after midnight so I couldn't see much as we drove to Daniel's grandparents country estate.  

Colombia-102Colombia-102www.leahlangley.com Wall Art: How & Nosm

Colombia-103Colombia-103www.leahlangley.com Wall Art: Ron English

Colombia-104Colombia-104www.leahlangley.com Colombia-105Colombia-105www.leahlangley.com

Wall Art: Logan Hicks

Colombia-106Colombia-106www.leahlangley.com Colombia-107Colombia-107www.leahlangley.com Colombia-108Colombia-108www.leahlangley.com Colombia-109Colombia-109www.leahlangley.com Colombia-110Colombia-110www.leahlangley.com Colombia-111Colombia-111www.leahlangley.com Colombia-112Colombia-112www.leahlangley.com Wall Art: Peter Tunney 

On Saturday morning, I woke up so excited!  Daniel's grandparent's 100+ year old "la finka" or estate.  Some of the buildings were a little newer, but all were beautiful!  The craftsmanship, details, carvings and colors were beautiful!  While Jessica got ready, Daniel introduced me to his family and the surrounding property.  It was all so beautiful!  Daniel's cousin Juliana was getting married, and the wedding preparations were in full effect.  We decided to drive around the countryside of Rionegro.  We stopped along any place that looked picturesque, which was pretty much everywhere.  Rolling hills and mountainsides with horses, farms, and beautiful family homes.  Once we were finished taking pictures around the area, we went back to Daniel's family home and took a few more.  Then we got ready for his cousin's wedding.  The ceremony was at a beautiful historic church, and the reception was at the grandparent's home.  

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to travel and get to know Jessica and Daniel so well!  I know their wedding next year at Bella Collina will be amazing! 

Colombia-113aColombia-113a Colombia-114Colombia-114www.leahlangley.com Colombia-115Colombia-115www.leahlangley.com Colombia-117Colombia-117www.leahlangley.com Colombia-118Colombia-118www.leahlangley.com Colombia-119Colombia-119www.leahlangley.com Colombia-120Colombia-120www.leahlangley.com Colombia-121Colombia-121www.leahlangley.com Colombia-122Colombia-122www.leahlangley.com Colombia-123Colombia-123www.leahlangley.com Colombia-124Colombia-124www.leahlangley.com Colombia-125Colombia-125www.leahlangley.com Colombia-126Colombia-126www.leahlangley.com Colombia-127aColombia-127a Colombia-129Colombia-129www.leahlangley.com Colombia-130Colombia-130www.leahlangley.com Colombia-131Colombia-131www.leahlangley.com Colombia-132Colombia-132www.leahlangley.com Colombia-133Colombia-133www.leahlangley.com Colombia-134Colombia-134www.leahlangley.com Colombia-135Colombia-135www.leahlangley.com Colombia-135aColombia-135a Colombia-136Colombia-136www.leahlangley.com Colombia-137Colombia-137www.leahlangley.com

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Colombia Colombian Engagement Session Destination Photographer Miami Wynwood Art District http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/8/jessica-and-daniel-engaged Thu, 25 Aug 2016 15:57:45 GMT
Stephanie and Tyler Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/7/stephanie-and-tyler-married Stephanie-101Stephanie-101

Stephanie and Tyler's relationship started through mutual friends on Facebook, and one day Tyler messaged her.  After a couple of months chatting, they finally went on their first date!  During Christmastime, Tyler had gathered both of their families for dinner.  Afterwards, he took Stephanie to see Christmas lights around town!  Once they stopped at her favorite spot, he got down on one knee and proposed! 

Stephanie and Tyler's wedding was elegantly designed by Kirby Holt of Blossoms, and flawlessly managed by Pam Miner.  The mint, coral, and gold accents were everywhere, and all the florals were perfection!  Stephanie glowed with excitement and anticipation, and Kaitlin's hair and makeup looked amazing on Stephanie!  It is always so special when the bride gets ready at her parents home.  To imagine her growing up throughout the years, knowing their home is full of wonderful memories!  It's easy to feel the love of her parents and friends filling their home. 
Stephanie-121Stephanie-121 Stephanie-122Stephanie-122 Stephanie-123Stephanie-123 Stephanie-125Stephanie-125 Stephanie-128Stephanie-128 Stephanie-130Stephanie-130 Stephanie-132Stephanie-132 Stephanie-134Stephanie-134 Stephanie-135Stephanie-135 Stephanie-137Stephanie-137 Stephanie-137aStephanie-137a Stephanie-137bStephanie-137b Stephanie-139aStephanie-139a Stephanie-141aStephanie-141a Stephanie-142Stephanie-142 Stephanie-145Stephanie-145 Stephanie-145aStephanie-145a Stephanie-146Stephanie-146 Stephanie-147Stephanie-147 Stephanie-148Stephanie-148 Stephanie-149Stephanie-149 Stephanie-149bStephanie-149b Stephanie-151Stephanie-151 Stephanie-152Stephanie-152 Stephanie-154Stephanie-154 Stephanie-155Stephanie-155 Stephanie-156Stephanie-156 Stephanie-157Stephanie-157 Stephanie-159Stephanie-159 Stephanie-161Stephanie-161 Stephanie-163Stephanie-163 Stephanie-164Stephanie-164 Stephanie-165Stephanie-165 Stephanie-167aStephanie-167a Stephanie-167cStephanie-167c Stephanie-168Stephanie-168 Stephanie-169Stephanie-169 Stephanie-170Stephanie-170 Stephanie-171Stephanie-171 Stephanie-171bStephanie-171b Stephanie-172Stephanie-172 Stephanie-174Stephanie-174 Stephanie-175Stephanie-175 Stephanie-176Stephanie-176 Stephanie-178Stephanie-178 Stephanie-179Stephanie-179 Stephanie-180Stephanie-180 Stephanie-181Stephanie-181 Stephanie-183Stephanie-183 Stephanie-184Stephanie-184 Stephanie-185Stephanie-185 Stephanie-186Stephanie-186

Click here to see Stephanie and Tyler's wedding film by Unique Video Creations!


Photography: Leah Langley
Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church of Chipley
Reception Venue: Washington County Ag Center
Florals: Blossoms by Kirby
Videography: Unique Video Creations 
Hair & Makeup: Kaitlin Davidson
Wedding Rings: David Scott Fine Jewelry
Wedding Director: Pam Miner
Officiant: Rev. Mike Orr
DJ: Mitchell Davidson
Cakes: Pam Bartram
Catering: Pans & Petals
Wedding Gown: Allure Bridals
Dress Shop: Simply Elegant


leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Florida Wedding Photographer Mint Coral Gold North Florida Wedding http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/7/stephanie-and-tyler-married Wed, 27 Jul 2016 15:25:39 GMT
Samantha and Dustin Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/7/samantha-and-dustin-married Windermere-101Windermere-101www.leahlangley.com Windermere-101aWindermere-101awww.leahlangley.com Windermere-102Windermere-102www.leahlangley.com Windermere-103Windermere-103www.leahlangley.com Windermere-104Windermere-104www.leahlangley.com Windermere-105Windermere-105www.leahlangley.com Windermere-105aWindermere-105awww.leahlangley.com Windermere-106Windermere-106www.leahlangley.com Windermere-107Windermere-107www.leahlangley.com Windermere-108Windermere-108www.leahlangley.com Windermere-109aWindermere-109a Windermere-111Windermere-111www.leahlangley.com Windermere-112Windermere-112www.leahlangley.com Windermere-114Windermere-114www.leahlangley.com Windermere-115Windermere-115www.leahlangley.com Windermere-117Windermere-117www.leahlangley.com Windermere-122Windermere-122www.leahlangley.com Windermere-123Windermere-123www.leahlangley.com Windermere-124aWindermere-124a Windermere-126Windermere-126www.leahlangley.com Windermere-127Windermere-127www.leahlangley.com Windermere-128Windermere-128www.leahlangley.com Windermere-129Windermere-129www.leahlangley.com Windermere-131Windermere-131www.leahlangley.com Windermere-132Windermere-132www.leahlangley.com Windermere-133Windermere-133www.leahlangley.com Windermere-134Windermere-134www.leahlangley.com Windermere-135Windermere-135www.leahlangley.com Windermere-136Windermere-136www.leahlangley.com Windermere-137Windermere-137www.leahlangley.com Windermere-138Windermere-138www.leahlangley.com Windermere-139Windermere-139www.leahlangley.com Windermere-140Windermere-140www.leahlangley.com Windermere-141aWindermere-141a Windermere-143aWindermere-143a Windermere-145Windermere-145www.leahlangley.com Windermere-146Windermere-146www.leahlangley.com Windermere-147Windermere-147www.leahlangley.com Windermere-148aWindermere-148a Windermere-152Windermere-152www.leahlangley.com Windermere-153aWindermere-153a Windermere-154Windermere-154www.leahlangley.com Windermere-156Windermere-156www.leahlangley.com Windermere-157Windermere-157www.leahlangley.com Windermere-158Windermere-158www.leahlangley.com Windermere-159Windermere-159www.leahlangley.com Windermere-160aWindermere-160a Windermere-161Windermere-161www.leahlangley.com Windermere-162Windermere-162www.leahlangley.com Windermere-164Windermere-164www.leahlangley.com Windermere-168Windermere-168www.leahlangley.com Windermere-169Windermere-169www.leahlangley.com Windermere-170Windermere-170www.leahlangley.com Windermere-170aWindermere-170awww.leahlangley.com WIndermere-171aWIndermere-171a Windermere-172Windermere-172www.leahlangley.com Windermere-173Windermere-173www.leahlangley.com Windermere-176Windermere-176www.leahlangley.com Windermere-177Windermere-177www.leahlangley.com Windermere-178Windermere-178www.leahlangley.com Windermere-179Windermere-179www.leahlangley.com Windermere-180Windermere-180www.leahlangley.com Windermere-181Windermere-181www.leahlangley.com Windermere-182Windermere-182www.leahlangley.com
Photography: Leah Langley
Venue: Private Residence
Planning & Design: Trés Chic Southern Weddings
Florals: Raining Roses
Lighting: Get Lit Productions
Hair & Makeup: Kristy's Artistry
DJ: Our DJ Rocks
Linens: Over The Top
Tables, Chairs & AC: A Chair Affair
Catering: Puff 'n Stuff
Cake: Party Flavors
Harpist: Kathleen Attanasi with Harps Unlimited
Officiant: Rev. Steve Swan with Sensational Ceremonies

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Central Florida Photographer Florida Wedding Photographer Orlando Wedding Photographer Rustic Wedding Windermere Wedding http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/7/samantha-and-dustin-married Tue, 12 Jul 2016 11:06:49 GMT
Jill and Kris Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/6/jill-and-kris-married Delray-102Delray-102www.leahlangley.com Delray-103Delray-103www.leahlangley.com Delray-104Delray-104www.leahlangley.com Delray-105Delray-105www.leahlangley.com Delray-107Delray-107www.leahlangley.com Delray-108Delray-108www.leahlangley.com Delray-109Delray-109www.leahlangley.com Delray-110Delray-110www.leahlangley.com Delray-111aDelray-111a Delray-113Delray-113www.leahlangley.com Delray-113aDelray-113awww.leahlangley.com Delray-114Delray-114www.leahlangley.com Delray-121Delray-121www.leahlangley.com Delray-122Delray-122www.leahlangley.com Delray-123Delray-123www.leahlangley.com Delray-124Delray-124www.leahlangley.com Delray-125aDelray-125a Delray-129Delray-129www.leahlangley.com Delray-131Delray-131www.leahlangley.com Delray-132Delray-132www.leahlangley.com Delray-133Delray-133www.leahlangley.com Delray-134Delray-134www.leahlangley.com Delray-134aDelray-134awww.leahlangley.com Delray-134bDelray-134bwww.leahlangley.com Delray-134cDelray-134cwww.leahlangley.com Delray-134dDelray-134dwww.leahlangley.com Delray-134eDelray-134ewww.leahlangley.com Delray-134fDelray-134fwww.leahlangley.com Delray-135Delray-135www.leahlangley.com Delray-135aDelray-135awww.leahlangley.com Delray-136Delray-136www.leahlangley.com Delray-137aDelray-137a Delray-139Delray-139www.leahlangley.com Delray-140Delray-140www.leahlangley.com Delray-141Delray-141www.leahlangley.com Delray-142Delray-142www.leahlangley.com Delray-143Delray-143www.leahlangley.com Delray-144aDelray-144a Delray-147aDelray-147a Delray-150Delray-150www.leahlangley.com Delray-150aDelray-150awww.leahlangley.com Delray-151Delray-151www.leahlangley.com Delray-152Delray-152www.leahlangley.com Delray-153Delray-153www.leahlangley.com Delray-154Delray-154www.leahlangley.com Delray-155Delray-155www.leahlangley.com Delray-157Delray-157www.leahlangley.com Delray-159Delray-159www.leahlangley.com Delray-160Delray-160www.leahlangley.com Delray-161Delray-161www.leahlangley.com Delray-162Delray-162www.leahlangley.com Delray-163Delray-163www.leahlangley.com Delray-164Delray-164www.leahlangley.com Delray-165aDelray-165a Delray-166aDelray-166a Delray-168Delray-168www.leahlangley.com Delray-169Delray-169www.leahlangley.com Delray-171Delray-171www.leahlangley.com Delray-173Delray-173www.leahlangley.com Delray-175Delray-175www.leahlangley.com Delray-176Delray-176www.leahlangley.com Delray-177Delray-177www.leahlangley.com Delray-178Delray-178www.leahlangley.com Delray-179Delray-179www.leahlangley.com Delray-180Delray-180www.leahlangley.com Delray-181Delray-181www.leahlangley.com Delray-182Delray-182www.leahlangley.com Delray-183Delray-183www.leahlangley.com Delray-185Delray-185www.leahlangley.com Delray-187Delray-187www.leahlangley.com Delray-188Delray-188www.leahlangley.com Delray-189Delray-189www.leahlangley.com Delray-190Delray-190www.leahlangley.com Delray-191Delray-191www.leahlangley.com Delray-192Delray-192www.leahlangley.com Delray-193Delray-193www.leahlangley.com Thank you to all the vendors who helped make Kris and Jill's wedding so special! 

Photography: Leah Langley Photography
Venue: Delray Beach Marriott
Videographer: Calypso Wedding Films
Makeup: Ashlee Artistry 
Hair: Amanda Lynn & Co.
Cake: Creative Cake Factory
Florist: Dalismer Atlas
DJ: Kenny Mondo Productions
Officiant: May Nesmith
Dress Shop: Bacio Bacio Bridal Salon

leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Delray Beach Wedding Florida Wedding Photographer Orlando Wedding Photographer http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/6/jill-and-kris-married Tue, 14 Jun 2016 01:51:17 GMT
Lisa and Donny Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/6/lisa-and-donny-married Murray Thometz-101Murray Thometz-101www.leahlangley.com Let's just say that Lisa and Donny's Bella Collina Wedding was magical!  Everything from their love for each other to the joy that surrounded them was beautiful!  Lisa couldn't have picked a more amazing dress!  Seeing her get ready with her sister, bridesmaids and flower girls was so sweet!  
Donny and Lisa's ceremony honored Donny's Hawaiian heritage with a Lei Exchange, performed by his Auntie Holli!  They were handcrafted in Hawaii and sent over just for their day.  The reception was a blast, and the band None Other kept the party going!  

Murray Thometz-102aMurray Thometz-102a Murray Thometz-102bMurray Thometz-102b

Murray Thometz-102cMurray Thometz-102cwww.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-103aMurray Thometz-103a Murray Thometz-106Murray Thometz-106www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-110Murray Thometz-110www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-111aMurray Thometz-111a Murray Thometz-113aMurray Thometz-113a Murray Thometz-115Murray Thometz-115www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-116Murray Thometz-116www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-118Murray Thometz-118www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-119Murray Thometz-119www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-120Murray Thometz-120www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-121Murray Thometz-121www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-122Murray Thometz-122www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-123aMurray Thometz-123a Murray Thometz-125aMurray Thometz-125a Murray Thometz-128aMurray Thometz-128a Murray Thometz-130Murray Thometz-130www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-131Murray Thometz-131www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-136Murray Thometz-136www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-138Murray Thometz-138www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-139Murray Thometz-139www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-140Murray Thometz-140www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-141Murray Thometz-141www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-142Murray Thometz-142www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-143Murray Thometz-143www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-144Murray Thometz-144www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-145Murray Thometz-145www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-146Murray Thometz-146www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-147Murray Thometz-147www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-148Murray Thometz-148www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-149aMurray Thometz-149a Murray Thometz-151Murray Thometz-151www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-152aMurray Thometz-152a Murray Thometz-155Murray Thometz-155www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-156Murray Thometz-156www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-157Murray Thometz-157www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-158Murray Thometz-158www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-159Murray Thometz-159www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-160Murray Thometz-160www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-161Murray Thometz-161www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-162Murray Thometz-162www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-163Murray Thometz-163www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-165Murray Thometz-165www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-166Murray Thometz-166www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-167Murray Thometz-167www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-168Murray Thometz-168www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-169Murray Thometz-169www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-170Murray Thometz-170www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-171Murray Thometz-171www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-172Murray Thometz-172www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-173Murray Thometz-173www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-176Murray Thometz-176www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-177Murray Thometz-177www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-178Murray Thometz-178www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-179Murray Thometz-179www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-180Murray Thometz-180www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-181Murray Thometz-181www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-182Murray Thometz-182www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-183Murray Thometz-183www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-184Murray Thometz-184www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-185Murray Thometz-185www.leahlangley.com Murray Thometz-186Murray Thometz-186www.leahlangley.com


Thank you to all the vendors who brought their A-Game to make this day so beautiful for Donny and Lisa! 

Photography: Leah Langley
Venue and Catering: Bella Collina
Planning & Decor: Kaylin with An Affair To Remember
Florals: Raining Roses Productions
Officiant: Kevin Knox
Cake: Sprinkles Custom Cakes
Lighting: Get Lit
Band: None Other
Chair Rentals: A Chair Affair
Linens: Over the Top Linens
Ceremony Music: Orlando Violin Music
Hair and Makeup: True Love Bridal Beauty
Rings: Lamon Jewelry
Dress: Anna Maier
Transportation: VIP Transportation
Videographer: Lexoria Wedding Films


leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Bella Collina Bella Collina Wedding Central Florida Photographer Orlando Wedding Orlando Wedding Photographer http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/6/lisa-and-donny-married Thu, 02 Jun 2016 16:27:53 GMT
James and Justin Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/5/james-and-justin-married JJ-100JJ-100www.leahlangley.com

On a gorgeous May afternoon, James and Justin prepared for their beautiful The Four Seasons Resort Orlando wedding together.  When I walked into their room, they were both so excited!  James had already laid out their wedding day details, and had it perfectly set up!  Their sweet doggy, Mckenzie, napped on her bed nearby.   

The ceremony was full of love, family and friends.  James and Justin said their vows as the golden glow of the sunset washed over them.  Both sets of parents watched with joyful tears and laughter.  The reception was just fun as it was perfectly designed and decorated!   The slo-mo booth was a huge hit, along with Lisa Holt of Carrara Nour's "Grindian" dancing sets where she combined the grooms' Greek and Indian cultures in dance.  MADD Vybez kept the party going well into the night!  

Everything, from the florals to the music was perfect.  Whitney from Trés Chic Southern Weddings beautifully planned and designed James and Justin's wedding!  Whitney and her team was there for every part and executed all the details that were important to the grooms.  Stephanie of FH Weddings created stunning florals for the grooms, their mothers and groomsmaids.  The ceremony, cocktail and reception florals were just as beautiful!  White orchids, calla lilies, peonies, and roses adorned all locations.  FH weddings also handled the lighting and furniture.  


JJ-101JJ-101www.leahlangley.com JJ-102JJ-102www.leahlangley.com JJ-103aJJ-103a JJ-105JJ-105www.leahlangley.com JJ-106JJ-106www.leahlangley.com JJ-113JJ-113www.leahlangley.com JJ-114JJ-114www.leahlangley.com JJ-115JJ-115www.leahlangley.com JJ-117JJ-117www.leahlangley.com JJ-119JJ-119www.leahlangley.com JJ-120JJ-120www.leahlangley.com JJ-122JJ-122www.leahlangley.com JJ-123JJ-123www.leahlangley.com JJ-124JJ-124www.leahlangley.com JJ-126aJJ-126a JJ-130aJJ-130a JJ-133JJ-133www.leahlangley.com JJ-134JJ-134www.leahlangley.com JJ-135JJ-135www.leahlangley.com JJ-136JJ-136www.leahlangley.com JJ-137JJ-137www.leahlangley.com JJ-139JJ-139www.leahlangley.com JJ-142JJ-142www.leahlangley.com JJ-143JJ-143www.leahlangley.com JJ-147aJJ-147a JJ-148JJ-148www.leahlangley.com JJ-149JJ-149www.leahlangley.com JJ-153JJ-153www.leahlangley.com JJ-154JJ-154www.leahlangley.com JJ-155JJ-155www.leahlangley.com JJ-156aJJ-156a JJ-159JJ-159www.leahlangley.com JJ-159aJJ-159a JJ-159bJJ-159bwww.leahlangley.com JJ-159cJJ-159c JJ-159dJJ-159d JJ-159eJJ-159ewww.leahlangley.com JJ-159fJJ-159f JJ-159gJJ-159g JJ-159hJJ-159h JJ-159iJJ-159i JJ-159jJJ-159jwww.leahlangley.com JJ-159kJJ-159kwww.leahlangley.com JJ-164JJ-164www.leahlangley.com JJ-165JJ-165www.leahlangley.com JJ-166JJ-166www.leahlangley.com JJ-166aJJ-166awww.leahlangley.com JJ-166bJJ-166bwww.leahlangley.com JJ-167JJ-167www.leahlangley.com JJ-167bJJ-167bwww.leahlangley.com JJ-167cJJ-167cwww.leahlangley.com JJ-167dJJ-167dwww.leahlangley.com JJ-168JJ-168www.leahlangley.com JJ-169JJ-169www.leahlangley.com


Thank you to all the vendors that made James and Justin's day such a gorgeous wedding!  It was such a pleasure working with each of you!

Photography: Leah Langley Photography
Wedding Planner: Whitney Carillon of Trés Chic Southern Weddings
Wedding Officiant: Jon Arnold of Once Upon a Wedding
Hair & Make-up: Kristy of Kristy's Artistry
Cinematography & Slo-Mo Booth: Brian of SugarPop
Entertainment: Lisa of Carrara Nour
Ceremony Music: Classern String Quartet
DJ and monogram projection: RaShall of MADD Vybez
Florals, Uplighting and Furniture: FH Weddings
Rentals & Decor: Nuage Linens
Rentals & Decor: A Chair Affair
Venues & Catering: Four Seasons Resort Orlando




leah@leahlangley.com (Leah Langley Photography) Florida Wedding Photographer LGBT Wedding Orlando Wedding Orlando Wedding Photographer The Four Season Resort Orlando Weddings Tres Chic Southern Weddings and Events Two Grooms http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/5/james-and-justin-married Wed, 25 May 2016 16:05:40 GMT
Caitlin and Blake Married http://www.leahlangley.com/blog/2016/5/caitlin-and-blake-wed Shuler-101Shuler-101

Caitlin and Blake were married in historic Apalachicola, FL on a gorgeous Spring day in April!   Caitlin and her bridesmaids prepared for the day at Caitlin's childhood home, surrounded by memories and laughter!  Their ceremony was at Lafayette Park, followed by a reception at Fort Coombs Armory.  Beautiful blush, gold and grey colors complemented all the details of their wedding day!  Blinging Up Daisies created elegant, colorful bouquets.  

Congratulations Caitlin and Blake!  Shuler-102Shuler-102 Shuler-104aShuler-104a Shuler-105Shuler-105 Shuler-106Shuler-106 Shuler-107Shuler-107 Shuler-108Shuler-108 Shuler-109Shuler-109 Shuler-111aShuler-111a Shuler-112Shuler-112 Shuler-113Shuler-113 Shuler-114Shuler-114 Shuler-115Shuler-115 Shuler-116Shuler-116 Shuler-117Shuler-117 Shuler-118Shuler-118 Shuler-118aShuler-118a Shuler-119Shuler-119 Shuler-121Shuler-121 Shuler-122Shuler-122 Shuler-123Shuler-123 Shuler-125aShuler-125a Shuler-126Shuler-126 Shuler-127Shuler-127 Shuler-128Shuler-128 Shuler-130Shuler-130 Shuler-132aShuler-132a Shuler-133Shuler-133 Shuler-134Shuler-134 Shuler-135Shuler-135 Shuler-136Shuler-136 Shuler-137Shuler-137 Shuler-138Shuler-138

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