Shanda and Gideon Married

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Leah Langley-1115Leah Langley-1115

Shanda and Gideon met in college while on the swim team. They were married at the beautiful Marina Del Rey at Mission Inn Resort and Spa. Side Note: the team at Mission Inn is amazing! Shanda and Gideon couldn't have asked for a prettier day to celebrate the beginning of their marriage! They were so wonderful to work with and their reception was so fun! The light shining off of the lake during their ceremony was magical. 

Gideon is from South Africa, and they used that to help create a theme for their wedding. Taped to the Shanda's shoes, were South African Rand coins. Their seating chart for the reception was laid out like a United Nations Gathering. They also had a world map for their guests to sign. It was a great wedding, full of love and life! I am so grateful to be part of their day! 
Photographer: Leah Langley Photography
Wedding Dress: Mori Lee 
Tuxes: Men's Warehouse 
Florist: Bernadette Meyer 
Jewelry Shop: Tallahassee Diamond Center (ps, this is also where my husband bought my ring) 
Cake: Publix 
DJ: White Tie DJs
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