Erica and Cole Married

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Erica and Cole were married at Erica's grandmother's horse farm!  Can I just say that her grandma's house is completely magical!  Horses everywhere, which makes sense since they trained race horses on the property for many years.  To know that as young children, Erica, her sister and their cousins probably played hide and go seek, or counted how many horse figurines grandma's house had or snacked on homemade cookies.  Imagining that countless cherished family gatherings happened in this home warmed my heart.  You could literally feel the memories the moment you walk in to the home.  

Erica and Cole's ceremony was held in front of the barn, and her tented reception was also on the property.  And, while the rain came in fast and strong moments after they said their "I do's" it didn't stop the celebration at all!  Thank you to the bride and groom for letting me drag them out into the rain for a few magical images! 

The vision for their reception was simple, nonstop fun!  Erica rocked that dance floor and even though a monsoon was happening outside, you didn't notice it with Bay Kings Band keeping the dance floor full all night!  

I wish you both all the happiness marriage can bring!  Congratulations!

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