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Catalina and David Wed

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Wed Blog-101Wed Blog-101www.leahlangley.com Catalina and David met by accident.  A car accident brought David to a rental place where a girl named Jenny worked.  Jenny introduced David to Catalina and, shortly after that, they never saw Jenny again!  Medical school, Residency and eleven years later, Catalina and David were finally married!  While a storm alter David's proposal plans, and Hurricane Matthew rescheduled the engagement session, they had absolutely perfect weather for their St. Augustine wedding!  Catalina is stunning, and seeing her in her Lazaro wedding gown, well, I just couldn't stop taking portraits!   David was quite handsome and dashing in his black tux! 

Wed Blog-102Wed Blog-102www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-103Wed Blog-103www.leahlangley.com
I couldn't pick which ring shot, so I included my two favorites.  The bracelets are Catalina's mother's that she wore for the day. Wed Blog-104Wed Blog-104www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-105Wed Blog-105www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-106Wed Blog-106www.leahlangley.com
Casa Monica is equal parts stunning and historic.  I love that Catalina's room was the perfect place to hang the dress form the window.   Wed Blog-110Wed Blog-110www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-112Wed Blog-112www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-113Wed Blog-113www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-114Wed Blog-114www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-116Wed Blog-116www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-117aWed Blog-117a Wed Blog-119aWed Blog-119a Wed Blog-121Wed Blog-121www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-123Wed Blog-123www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-124Wed Blog-124www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-125Wed Blog-125www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-126Wed Blog-126www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-128Wed Blog-128www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-129Wed Blog-129www.leahlangley.com
We had a little bit of free time before the ceremony, and so that meant more portraits. Wed Blog-131Wed Blog-131www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-132Wed Blog-132www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-133Wed Blog-133www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-134Wed Blog-134www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-135Wed Blog-135www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-136Wed Blog-136www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-137Wed Blog-137www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-138Wed Blog-138www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-140Wed Blog-140www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-141Wed Blog-141www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-142aWed Blog-142a Wed Blog-144Wed Blog-144www.leahlangley.com
Memorial Presbyterian is a site to behold.  The architecture, colors, and beauty are unmatched in St. Augustine.  Pastor Hunter Camp is one of my favorite officiants.  His focus is on God and the couple.  He brings so much meaning to each ceremony.   Wed Blog-145aWed Blog-145a Wed Blog-150Wed Blog-150 Wed Blog-155Wed Blog-155www.leahlangley.com
I don't think I have even seen a more adorable flower girl or well dressed ring bearer! Wed Blog-156Wed Blog-156www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-157Wed Blog-157www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-158Wed Blog-158www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-159Wed Blog-159www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-160Wed Blog-160www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-161Wed Blog-161www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-163Wed Blog-163 Wed Blog-165Wed Blog-165www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-166Wed Blog-166www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-167aWed Blog-167a Wed Blog-169Wed Blog-169www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-170Wed Blog-170www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-171aWed Blog-171a Wed Blog-173Wed Blog-173www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174Wed Blog-174www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174aWed Blog-174a Wed Blog-174bWed Blog-174bwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174cWed Blog-174cwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174dWed Blog-174dwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174eWed Blog-174ewww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174fWed Blog-174fwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-174gWed Blog-174gwww.leahlangley.com
Wed Blog-175Wed Blog-175www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-177aWed Blog-177a Wed Blog-179Wed Blog-179www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-183aWed Blog-183a Wed Blog-184Wed Blog-184www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-191aWed Blog-191a Wed Blog-192Wed Blog-192www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-193aWed Blog-193a Wed Blog-196Wed Blog-196www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-196aWed Blog-196awww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-196bWed Blog-196bwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-196cWed Blog-196cwww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-197Wed Blog-197www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-197aWed Blog-197awww.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-198Wed Blog-198www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-199Wed Blog-199www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-200Wed Blog-200www.leahlangley.com
Catalina and David's First Dance was so romantic and perfect!  DJ Live Pro brought it over the top with the fog, and the lighting crew at the Treasury gave the twinkle light backdrop. 
Wed Blog-205Wed Blog-205www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-206Wed Blog-206www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-207Wed Blog-207www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-208Wed Blog-208www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-209Wed Blog-209www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-210Wed Blog-210www.leahlangley.com
So, as if fog for the first dance and for the father daughter dance wasn't enough, Austin with DJ Live Pro made some extra magic happen for Catalina and David! I was thrilled to get these images!  Wed Blog-211Wed Blog-211www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-214Wed Blog-214www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-215Wed Blog-215www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-216Wed Blog-216www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-217Wed Blog-217www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-218Wed Blog-218www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-219Wed Blog-219www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-220Wed Blog-220www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-221Wed Blog-221www.leahlangley.com Wed Blog-222Wed Blog-222www.leahlangley.com

Thank you to all the amazing vendors who made this wedding absolutely wonderful!  

Getting Ready: Casa Monica
Ceremony: Memorial Presbyterian
Reception: Treasury on the Plaza
Planner: Coastal Coordinating
Photography: Leah Langley
Dress: Lazaro
Dress Salon: Calvet Couture Bridal Boutique
Makeup: Amanda Hopcraft
Hair: Grazyna Mercado
Florals: A Fantasy in Flowers
Cake: Sweet Weddings
DJ - DJ Live Productions
Video - Eli Meyer
Caterer - Purple Olive
Horse Carriage - Country Carriages
Photo Booth - Snap Studio
Officiant - Hunter Camp
Antique Car - Golden Hinde


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