Olivia and Alex Married

July 15, 2017  •  1 Comment

Grand on Foster-104aGrand on Foster-104awww.leahlangley.com

Olivia and Alex met through mutual friends while at the Peanut Festival in Dothan, Alabama in 2009.  They became friends that night, but for the next four years, that's all they were, friends.   In the Summer of 2013, they decided to go out to a movie in Pier Park, and were inseparable ever since!   Alex proposed to Olivia at the Pensacola Marina.  Their friend Taylor was there and helped set the scene and take pictures. 

Olivia and Alex wanted their wedding to elegant and classic, and focus on their family and friends.  Their venue, The Grand on Foster was the same venue for Olivia's sister, and they loved how space kept them close to their guests, but also has great architecture and historic charm. They had a wonderful wedding full of joy and wonderful moments!  I loved Olivia's wedding gown, and shoes and rings!  Kirby always has stunning design and floral for every wedding! 

Venue - The Grand on Foster
Planner - Caroline Tidmore
Photographer - Leah Langley Photography
Florals - Blossoms by Kirby
Dress Designer - Jovani
Dress Shop - Dream Gowns
Rings - Emerald Lady Jewelry
Officiant - Bro. Michael Orr
Cake - Pam Bartram
Makeup - Jordan Skipper
DJ - Chris Taylor


Grand on Foster-105Grand on Foster-105www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-106Grand on Foster-106www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-107Grand on Foster-107www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-108Grand on Foster-108www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-109aGrand on Foster-109a Grand on Foster-109bGrand on Foster-109b Grand on Foster-110Grand on Foster-110www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-114Grand on Foster-114www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-115Grand on Foster-115www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-116Grand on Foster-116www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-117Grand on Foster-117www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-118Grand on Foster-118www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-119Grand on Foster-119www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-121Grand on Foster-121www.leahlangley.com

Snuck in a sweet reflection shot! Love the look of joy on Susan and Olivia's faces! 

Grand on Foster-122Grand on Foster-122www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-123Grand on Foster-123www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-123aGrand on Foster-123awww.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-124Grand on Foster-124www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-126Grand on Foster-126www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-128Grand on Foster-128www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-129Grand on Foster-129www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-130Grand on Foster-130www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-130aGrand on Foster-130awww.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-131Grand on Foster-131www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-132Grand on Foster-132www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-133Grand on Foster-133www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-134Grand on Foster-134www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-135Grand on Foster-135www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-136aGrand on Foster-136a Grand on Foster-138Grand on Foster-138www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-139Grand on Foster-139www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-140Grand on Foster-140www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-141Grand on Foster-141www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-142Grand on Foster-142www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-143Grand on Foster-143www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-144Grand on Foster-144www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-145Grand on Foster-145www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-146Grand on Foster-146www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-147Grand on Foster-147www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-148Grand on Foster-148www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-149Grand on Foster-149www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-150Grand on Foster-150www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-151aGrand on Foster-151a Grand on Foster-153Grand on Foster-153www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-154Grand on Foster-154www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-155Grand on Foster-155www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-157Grand on Foster-157www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-159Grand on Foster-159www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-160Grand on Foster-160 Grand on Foster-163aGrand on Foster-163a Grand on Foster-167Grand on Foster-167www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-168Grand on Foster-168www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-169Grand on Foster-169www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-170Grand on Foster-170www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-171Grand on Foster-171www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-172Grand on Foster-172www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-173Grand on Foster-173www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-174Grand on Foster-174www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-176Grand on Foster-176www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-177Grand on Foster-177www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-179Grand on Foster-179www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-180aGrand on Foster-180a Grand on Foster-182Grand on Foster-182www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-183Grand on Foster-183www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-185Grand on Foster-185www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-186Grand on Foster-186www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-187Grand on Foster-187www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-188Grand on Foster-188www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-189Grand on Foster-189www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-190Grand on Foster-190www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-191Grand on Foster-191www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-192Grand on Foster-192www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-193Grand on Foster-193www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-194Grand on Foster-194www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-195Grand on Foster-195www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-195aGrand on Foster-195awww.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-196Grand on Foster-196www.leahlangley.com Grand on Foster-197Grand on Foster-197www.leahlangley.com


Beautiful wedding. I love you both. The pictures are amazing.
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