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Jessica and Daniel Wed

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Venue - Bella Collina
Planner - A Rose Designs Events
Photography - Leah Langley
Cinematography - Jeffrey Stoner
Florist - Bluegrass Chic
Hair and Makeup - True Love Bridal Beauty
Dress Designer - Ines Di Santo
Dress Salon - Solutions Bridal
Bridal Jewelry - Maria Elena Headpieces
DJ - Our DJ Rocks
Cake - Party Flavors
Chalk Signs - Chalk Shop
Photo Booth - Photo Booth Rocks
Officiant - Cliff McCray
Rentals - Over the Top Inc
Transportation - VIP Transportation


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They have been together through college, starting careers and numerous trips to Daniel's home country of Colombia.  When Carly of A Rose Designs Events invited me to meet Jessica and Daniel for wedding photography, we instantly hit it off.  I loved getting to hear their story and watch them interact.  I photographed their engagement session in Miami and Colombia.  Definitely a highlight of my career! I knew their wedding would be just as special.  

Jessica and Daniel's wedding was classic, beautiful and full of joy.  I loved the florals by Bluegrass Chic!  The rich jewel toned bridesmaid bouquets and decorations were gorgeous.  Jessica's lush Sarah Bernhardt Peony bouquet was classically romantic.  Her Ines Di Santo wedding gown from Solutions Bridal was the epitome of feminine ballgown elegance.  It was beyond stunning with the sweetheart neckline, frosted appliqué bodice, illusion back, and all those gorgeous light-catching layers!  The hand embroidered cathedral length veil was also by Ines Di Santo.  The Maria Elena bridal jewelry perfectly complemented her look.  Lauren with True Love Bridal Beauty made her look perfect on her wedding day!

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Congratulations Jessica and Daniel!  

Here is a perfect video teaser of their wedding by the amazing Jeffrey Stoner

Jessica & Daniel - Teaser from Jeffrey Stoner Video on Vimeo.



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