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Brittni and James Married

February 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Britt Wed Blog-102Britt Wed Blog-102www.leahlangley.com From the first time Brittni and I chatted on the phone, we realized we had a lot in common!  Both of us became engaged in a butterfly conservatory, both our guys loved to surf, and we both knew Suzanne Roix! :)   

I loved James and Brittni's sunrise beach engagement session.  We had so much fun meeting the day before and spending the weekend with them at their favorite East Coast beach hang out.  I knew their wedding would be a huge and wonderful celebration!  Their wedding party alone was the most attractive group of people I've ever had, and it was hilarious when their pastor said the same thing during the ceremony!  Brittni's gift to James was an album of her boudoir session, and the look of realization on his face was the absolute best!  He gave her a beautiful set of pearls, and she was ecstatic!  Their first look was so sweet and the whole day really was perfect!  Every moment was filled with laughter and sweet emotions.  I wish we could do it all over again! 
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Getting Ready Location: Safety Harbor Spa
Venue: Kapok Tree

Florist: Baldwin Florals
Photographer: Leah Langley 
Videographer: Voila
DJ: DJ Skeelow
Makeup: Michele Rene and Genevive Centofani
Caterer and Cake: Olympia



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