Allie and Lucas Married

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Leah Langley Photography-106Leah Langley Photography-106

Allie and Lucas met while at FSU, and they have been together ever since.  When Lucas proposed to Allie on a boat in New England, I am pretty sure all their friends rejoiced!  Allie and Lucas are so perfect for each other, and their commitment, hard work and dedication is to be admired.  Allie is currently pursuing her career in broadcasting in Rhode Island, and it is so awesome when she shares her blooper rolls! :)   It is an honor to know both of them, and I am so grateful to have been their photographer.

Since one family or the other would have to travel for the wedding, Allie and Lucas decided to make it a destination wedding for everyone.  South Walton County is one of my favorite places, and when they decided to say their vows in the Chapel of Seaside, FL, I was ecstatic!  It is breathtakingly gorgeous, and the light is magical! 
Their reception was at Bentley's on the Bay in Santa Rosa Beach, and it was just as wonderful. The decorations and details were beautiful, and Allie and Lucas' first dance under the market lights was so special.  While it is great to have an awesome bride and groom, it certainly is icing on the cake when they are surrounded by loving friends and family.  The wedding party, the parents and the siblings of Allie and Lucas made what was already a great wedding, absolutely perfect.  The heartfelt speeches and toasts brought tears to everyone's eyes.  Every moment from the intros to the final goodbye was excellent.  
There were also some pretty impressive vendors that helped make this wedding flow with perfection, and at the top of that list was the fantastic team at Defining Moments Weddings & Events.  Heather perfectly executed every detail, and it was a pleasure working with her.  Thank you!
Photographer: Leah Langley
Ceremony Venue: Seaside Chapel
Reception Venue: Bentley's on the Bay
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