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Brennis and Keith

October 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Brennis and Keith's wedding is very special to me. It could be that the bride is my sister, or that the ring bearer and flower girl are my children, or that I am so happy to call Keith my brother-in-law.  How about all three?  When Keith and Brennis became engaged, she asked me to be both the matron of honor and the photographer.  I told her I could only do one, and she then asked which would I like to be.  I was so happy to be her photographer for so many reasons.  Brennis and I are both "act of service" type people, and that is the main way we show love.  It was so wonderful to be by her side nearly every moment, knowing that she was getting what she wanted most, a wonderful husband who will love and honor her throughout their marriage.  

The day started at Bella Salon and Boutique.  Can I just say that this place is a photographer's dream?  Not just the excellent hair and makeup services, but the bright, open space was wonderful.  Brennis, her mom, and her 9 bridesmaids had plenty of room to spread out, and enjoy the morning.  
The ceremony and reception venue Brennis and Keith selected was beautiful.  Sage Field Farms is just outside of Bonifay, FL.  It has a brand new barn, and a field of wildflowers!  It made for a gorgeous scene for their wedding.  High Cotton Affairs did all the decorating, coordinating and florals.  The food was some of the best.  
The day went so smoothly, and ended perfectly.  Congratulations Brennis and Keith!
Photography: Leah Langley
Decorator and Coordinator: High Cotton Affairs
Hair and Makeup: Bella Salon and Boutique
Dress Shop: Dream Gowns
Engagement Ring: Maharaja's
Catering: Catering by Bob
Florist: High Cotton Affairs
Cake: Rhonda Tull
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