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This is one of those slightly sappy posts.  Sorry in advance.  :)

Jordan and I met while we were both in college at Florida State University.  We rode bikes (like, bicycles, not Harley's) along Route 5 from Warren, Ohio to Niagara Falls for a First Baptist Church of Tallahassee mission trip called Challenge.  Another fun fact is that our wedding anniversaries are only 7 days apart.  
Years passed.  Facebook is created. She friend requests me.  Of course I accept her friend request, because, I mean, Jordan is super nice, even if we haven't talked in years.  After a few minutes of stalking, I realize we now only live about an hour apart.  She's in Lakeland, and I am in Clearwater, FL.  Even cooler, she is doing graphic design and getting into photography.  I was super envious, uh, thrilled, that she was getting to do something so cool.  I was still an accountant at the time.  More time passes, I get to take a break from accounting.  I watched Jordan excel at photography, while I only dabbled.  Then we were both pregnant at the same time.  We photograph each other's maternity sessions.  Jason, her husband, got attacked by a crab.
I moved to Orlando, and she asked me to second shoot a wedding with her.  I was SOOOO excited and really nervous.  I had just gotten a new fancy pants lens, and was rocking it out on my Nikon D300s.  ;)  
I finally booked a big wedding, and I wanted no one else other than Jordan shooting next to me.  What amazed me is how well we worked together.  Our style and skill worked perfectly together, and it made me so happy!  I finally jumped into the business of wedding photography.  
We have worked together many, many times over the past 4 years, and I have loved it.  We challenge each other, share our knowledge and trust one another.   From nearly setting a tree on fire (shhhh) to putting a parachute on a horse, we have accomplished many things!  I am so grateful for her friendship.  I realize how unfortunately rare this is in the photography world.  
When Jordan asked me to go to Denver, CO with her for a couple of weddings, I jumped at the chance.  In short, we had a blast!  Like, absolute perfection.  It snowed every day, and it was magical.  We ate at great restaurants, goofed off in the snow, worked two weddings, and chatted nearly nonstop.  I had to buy new boots because mine literally fell apart.  We laughed.  A lot.  We watched a weird movie, and then had to watch comedy skits on youtube to get the movie out of our heads so we could go to sleep.  It was the perfect work vacation. 
Thank you Jordan for this fun adventure, and I can't wait until the next one!  Thank you for your constant support, encouragement, and being a safe place to vent when I need it. I love you!
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