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Brittni and James Engaged

November 19, 2015  •  1 Comment

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To say that James and Brittni's sunrise engagement session was fantastical would be an understatement!  They often visit the Surf Studio in Cocoa Beach, and I can completely see why.  It is quintessentially a Florida beach motel.  Being a Florida girl myself, I completely fell in love with its charm.   
Brittni and I  collaborated on many of the details, including the stunning sequin gown from Rent the Runway to a crochet kimono from Sultre to a pair of Coco Chanel sunglasses.  She also brought a 
lovely bottle of champaign that a friend had given her at her engagement party.  She also brought His and Hers wine glasses that were also a gift from the same party.  Brittni was a champ and woke up at 4 AM for this session, and she looked like a million dollars!  James looked great too! ;)  James brought his board for the session, but I am pretty sure he was hoping for some decent waves.  

I don't know many girls who would be willing to do part of their engagement session in a bikini, but Brittni is pretty awesome like that!  You both totally rocked it out! Thank you both for a session I will never forget.  

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Connie Lynch(non-registered)
Simply stunning. I hope their entire marriage continues this story of beach, beauty and love.
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