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Liz and Josh

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Liz and Josh are a fantastic couple!  They met while working in Tallahassee, FL at Titus Sports Academy.  They worked together and liked each other for three years before one of them finally made a move!  :)  After attending church together for a couple of weeks, it wasn't long until they started hanging out several days a week.  Their first date was at a Downtown Getdown (the Friday night before a home FSU football game) and they spent two hours talking at Kleman Plaza.  Almost a year later, Josh proposed at the same spot.  

Liz and Josh's coastal theme wedding was very elegant with white florals, champagne accents and touches of mint.  Both the bride and groom got ready in separate beach houses before putting on the final touches at the newly renovated Shark's Tooth Gulf Club.  I loved driving onto the property.  They have done a beautiful job keeping Florida's natural beauty a central focus of the development.  The venue was decorated with sea shells, beautiful florals, glass and candles.  One of my favorite details were the Jenga pieces that the guests signed and left sweet messages.  The market lights that lit the dance floor gave a beautiful glow as the day turned to night.  During cocktail hour, the guests played yard games on the clubhouse's beautiful lawn overlooking the golf course.  Their first dance was in the glow of the setting sun! 

The ceremony was performed by Liz's brother, Matt Acton.  As their guests looked on at the 18th Hole of Shark's Tooth, Josh and Liz were so sweet to watch.  Their first inclination is always to laugh.  Their love of FSU came into play during the portraits with their Seminole Flag.  One of the most unique details was their getaway car.  They exited their reception in a privately owned 1930 Model A Ford!  

It was such a pleasure to be part of their day, and I am honored to have photographed it for them.  Thank you so much Liz and Josh!!!
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Congratulations Liz and Josh!  

Photographer: Leah Langley Photography
Venue: Shark's Tooth Golf Club
Florist: Bella Flora
Hair Stylist: Chelsea Fleck
Dress Designer: Maggie Soterro
Cake: Bake My Day Destin
Officiant: Matt Acton
DJ: Gulf Talent Services


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