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James and Justin Married

May 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


On a gorgeous May afternoon, James and Justin prepared for their beautiful The Four Seasons Resort Orlando wedding together.  When I walked into their room, they were both so excited!  James had already laid out their wedding day details, and had it perfectly set up!  Their sweet doggy, Mckenzie, napped on her bed nearby.   

The ceremony was full of love, family and friends.  James and Justin said their vows as the golden glow of the sunset washed over them.  Both sets of parents watched with joyful tears and laughter.  The reception was just fun as it was perfectly designed and decorated!   The slo-mo booth was a huge hit, along with Lisa Holt of Carrara Nour's "Grindian" dancing sets where she combined the grooms' Greek and Indian cultures in dance.  MADD Vybez kept the party going well into the night!  

Everything, from the florals to the music was perfect.  Whitney from Trés Chic Southern Weddings beautifully planned and designed James and Justin's wedding!  Whitney and her team was there for every part and executed all the details that were important to the grooms.  Stephanie of FH Weddings created stunning florals for the grooms, their mothers and groomsmaids.  The ceremony, cocktail and reception florals were just as beautiful!  White orchids, calla lilies, peonies, and roses adorned all locations.  FH weddings also handled the lighting and furniture.  


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Thank you to all the vendors that made James and Justin's day such a gorgeous wedding!  It was such a pleasure working with each of you!

Photography: Leah Langley Photography
Wedding Planner: Whitney Carillon of Trés Chic Southern Weddings
Wedding Officiant: Jon Arnold of Once Upon a Wedding
Hair & Make-up: Kristy of Kristy's Artistry
Cinematography & Slo-Mo Booth: Brian of SugarPop
Entertainment: Lisa of Carrara Nour
Ceremony Music: Classern String Quartet
DJ and monogram projection: RaShall of MADD Vybez
Florals, Uplighting and Furniture: FH Weddings
Rentals & Decor: Nuage Linens
Rentals & Decor: A Chair Affair
Venues & Catering: Four Seasons Resort Orlando





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