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Jessica and Daniel Engaged

August 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Colombia-101Colombia-101www.leahlangley.com Wall Art: Shepard Fairey

To say I am excited about this engagement session would be a slight understatement!  Just two weeks before this amazing trip, Carli from A Rose Designs Events introduced me to her clients, Jessica and Daniel. They are getting married at Bella Collina next year, and were in need of a wedding photographer.  The meeting was going great, and we started chatting about ideas for their engagement session.  Daniel is from Colombia, and I said "It's a shame you don't want your engagement session in your home country."  He replied that, actually, they would be visiting in just a couple of weeks.  I *subtly* dropped the hint that I was open that weekend! ;)  Within seconds, Daniel was checking flight prices, and it all fell into place.  It was comical to come home, and tell my husband, "Hey!  I think I've booked a great wedding, and.... I might be going to Colombia in a couple of weeks."  

The big weekend came, and we drove down to Miami for the flight.  We had some extra time, so we checked out the Wynwood Art District in Miami.  While it felt like 1,000 degrees outside, Jessica and Daniel were troopers and made the best of it!  Next we headed to the Miami International Airport to board our flight to Colombia!  I'm not going to lie, a big bonus of this trip was that I was finally going to get my first stamp in my passport book! :)  We arrived just after midnight so I couldn't see much as we drove to Daniel's grandparents country estate.  

Colombia-102Colombia-102www.leahlangley.com Wall Art: How & Nosm

Colombia-103Colombia-103www.leahlangley.com Wall Art: Ron English

Colombia-104Colombia-104www.leahlangley.com Colombia-105Colombia-105www.leahlangley.com

Wall Art: Logan Hicks

Colombia-106Colombia-106www.leahlangley.com Colombia-107Colombia-107www.leahlangley.com Colombia-108Colombia-108www.leahlangley.com Colombia-109Colombia-109www.leahlangley.com Colombia-110Colombia-110www.leahlangley.com Colombia-111Colombia-111www.leahlangley.com Colombia-112Colombia-112www.leahlangley.com Wall Art: Peter Tunney 

On Saturday morning, I woke up so excited!  Daniel's grandparent's 100+ year old "la finka" or estate.  Some of the buildings were a little newer, but all were beautiful!  The craftsmanship, details, carvings and colors were beautiful!  While Jessica got ready, Daniel introduced me to his family and the surrounding property.  It was all so beautiful!  Daniel's cousin Juliana was getting married, and the wedding preparations were in full effect.  We decided to drive around the countryside of Rionegro.  We stopped along any place that looked picturesque, which was pretty much everywhere.  Rolling hills and mountainsides with horses, farms, and beautiful family homes.  Once we were finished taking pictures around the area, we went back to Daniel's family home and took a few more.  Then we got ready for his cousin's wedding.  The ceremony was at a beautiful historic church, and the reception was at the grandparent's home.  

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to travel and get to know Jessica and Daniel so well!  I know their wedding next year at Bella Collina will be amazing! 

Colombia-113aColombia-113a Colombia-114Colombia-114www.leahlangley.com Colombia-115Colombia-115www.leahlangley.com Colombia-117Colombia-117www.leahlangley.com Colombia-118Colombia-118www.leahlangley.com Colombia-119Colombia-119www.leahlangley.com Colombia-120Colombia-120www.leahlangley.com Colombia-121Colombia-121www.leahlangley.com Colombia-122Colombia-122www.leahlangley.com Colombia-123Colombia-123www.leahlangley.com Colombia-124Colombia-124www.leahlangley.com Colombia-125Colombia-125www.leahlangley.com Colombia-126Colombia-126www.leahlangley.com Colombia-127aColombia-127a Colombia-129Colombia-129www.leahlangley.com Colombia-130Colombia-130www.leahlangley.com Colombia-131Colombia-131www.leahlangley.com Colombia-132Colombia-132www.leahlangley.com Colombia-133Colombia-133www.leahlangley.com Colombia-134Colombia-134www.leahlangley.com Colombia-135Colombia-135www.leahlangley.com Colombia-135aColombia-135a Colombia-136Colombia-136www.leahlangley.com Colombia-137Colombia-137www.leahlangley.com


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