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August 28, 2015  •  2 Comments

Newborn-105Newborn-105www.leahlangley.com Beautiful, little Rowan was born earlier this month.  She is loved very much by her family, and she has an absolutely beautiful bedroom!   Rowan's big brother is so precious!  It is apparent that he will be a strong protector and careful comforter to his new baby sister. This is the kind of newborn session that melts my heart.  I love going into a family's home and documenting not just those precious first days of a baby's life, but to also document the surroundings, details and environment of a family.  While my home looked ransacked days after my children were born, Megan's home looked like something out of a magazine!  I loved the light pouring in from the windows, the carefully selected decor, and the sweet little details.   They have a beautiful family dynamic, and I am honored to have photographed this brief moment in time for them.  

Newborn-108Newborn-108 Newborn-110Newborn-110www.leahlangley.com Newborn-112Newborn-112www.leahlangley.com Newborn-113aNewborn-113a Newborn-114Newborn-114www.leahlangley.com Newborn-116Newborn-116www.leahlangley.com Newborn-116bNewborn-116b Newborn-116cNewborn-116cwww.leahlangley.com Newborn-117Newborn-117www.leahlangley.com Newborn-117aNewborn-117awww.leahlangley.com Newborn-117bNewborn-117bwww.leahlangley.com Newborn-118Newborn-118www.leahlangley.com Newborn-119Newborn-119www.leahlangley.com Newborn-120Newborn-120www.leahlangley.com Newborn-121Newborn-121www.leahlangley.com Newborn-122Newborn-122www.leahlangley.com Newborn-124Newborn-124www.leahlangley.com Newborn-125Newborn-125www.leahlangley.com Newborn-127Newborn-127www.leahlangley.com Newborn-128Newborn-128www.leahlangley.com Newborn-129Newborn-129www.leahlangley.com Newborn-130Newborn-130www.leahlangley.com Newborn-131Newborn-131www.leahlangley.com Newborn-132Newborn-132www.leahlangley.com Newborn-133Newborn-133www.leahlangley.com Newborn-134Newborn-134www.leahlangley.com Newborn-135aNewborn-135a Newborn-137Newborn-137www.leahlangley.com Newborn-138Newborn-138www.leahlangley.com Newborn-139Newborn-139www.leahlangley.com Newborn-140Newborn-140www.leahlangley.com Newborn-141Newborn-141www.leahlangley.com Newborn-143Newborn-143www.leahlangley.com Newborn-145Newborn-145www.leahlangley.com Newborn-146Newborn-146www.leahlangley.com Newborn-147Newborn-147www.leahlangley.com Newborn-148Newborn-148www.leahlangley.com Newborn-149Newborn-149www.leahlangley.com Newborn-150Newborn-150www.leahlangley.com Newborn-151Newborn-151www.leahlangley.com Newborn-152Newborn-152www.leahlangley.com Newborn-153Newborn-153www.leahlangley.com Newborn-154Newborn-154www.leahlangley.com Newborn-155Newborn-155www.leahlangley.com Newborn-156Newborn-156www.leahlangley.com


Sue Crockett(non-registered)
Absolutely marvelous job! I've know Cody since he was born. I am so very happy for he and his beautiful family ! Leah your work on capturing such candid family monments were amazing! Cody, Meagan, Bennett, & Roanan may God Bless your family you will in my prayers faithfully! I love you all!
!!!!! And Leah BRAVO!!!!!!!! ❤️
Carol Frey(non-registered)
Beautiful family!
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