Katy and Nick Married

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Katy and Nick are high school sweethearts!  They met in physics class, and instantly hit it off, dating all throughout college at UCF!  On Christmas Day of 2013, Nick popped the question in front of Katy's family! 

Their wedding was at Katy's family's church in Altamonte Springs, and it was a beautiful ceremony!  One thing that really stands out to me as I edit their wedding, is how much Nick loves Katy!  He looks at her with complete and total adoration!  It melts my heart and it makes me so happy!  Family is very important to both of them, and Katy's cutie pie niece stole the show a few times.  She was in it to win it, and held on like a champ, even without a nap!  

Even though it rained on their wedding day, Katy and Nick never let it dampen their spirits!  The reception was a blast, and the bouquet and garter tosses were hilarious!  Bluegrass Chic's florals were gorgeous, and the cake by Anna Cakes was beautiful and delicious! Lauren and Lane with True Love Bridal Beauty made all the ladies look stunning.  James from Soundwave Entertainment kept the party going!  As always, I love working with cinematographer, Daniel Kuykendall!  

Thank you every one who made this day so special for Katy and Nick!  :) 

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Photographer: Leah Langley Photography
Videographer: DK+9
DJ: Soundwave Entertainment
Cake: Anna Cakes
Florist: Blue Grass Chic
Hair and Makeup: True Love Bridal Beauty
Ceremony: Annunciation Catholic Church


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